Bathroom Storage 101: 8 Secrets To A Beautifully Organized Bathroom

Last updated on December 21st, 2021

Regardless of how big or small your bathroom is, some extra storage is always like a breath of fresh air. From towels, bath essentials, to cleaning supplies, the bathroom is home to many household items. Hence, it is no surprise that bathroom storage comes at a premium.

So, if the clutter in your bathroom seems to be getting out of hand, turn to these 8 clever bathroom storage solutions to squeeze out some extra space. Check them out.

1. Try built-in storage

Bathroom storage ideas

If you are looking for a fancy storage unit that will add to the décor of the bathroom then try a bespoke statement storage solution. The chic under-sink storage unit is not only functional but also makes for an attractive décor element in the bathroom.

2. Carve out niches on walls

If you have a small bathroom, then carved niches are a great way to add storage. They’re a subtle way to add storage while keeping your bathroom looking neat.

3. Mix and match your storage

Bathroom storage ideas

For a picture-worthy bathroom, mix and match your storage options to create a chic and contemporary look. Choose stylish and functional storage options like ladder shelves, woven baskets, and wooden stools to create an eclectic style.

4. Upcycle

Looking to add storage options in your bathroom? Why not upcycle an old furniture piece? If you have an old nightstand for instance, that you are planning to throw away, put it to use! If you have a traditional bathroom setup, polish the nightstand with varnish, or give it a layer of paint to make the nightstand more suitable for a contemporary space.

5. Hang it all up!

Bathroom storage ideas

Struggling with bathroom storage? Pick a sleek wall-mounted storage unit to increase the storage capacity of the bathroom. The free floor space will make the room appear bigger. However, while choosing, pick a unit that’s spacious, so there’s a lot of room to stow away your bathroom essentials.

6. Think of an open vanity

A well-picked storage unit can make a huge difference in the bathroom. Instead of the traditional bathroom vanity, go for an open washstand. The open space beneath the sink can provide space for all your bathroom essentials while keeping the space looking airy and large.

7. Use ladder shelves

Bathroom storage ideas

Make use of a ladder shelf to increase the storage capacity of your bathroom. Use the ladder shelf to store towels, toiletries, and more. Being vertical, it will not take much floor space in the bathroom.

8. Get freestanding-storage units

In a small bathroom, where space comes at a premium, try this inexpensive trick: Consider using a freestanding storage unit. It is not only more flexible than the conventional organizers but can also be moved around as and when needed.

Have a great time upgrading your bathing space!