How To Name Your House

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

Once only reserved for mansions, estates, and villas, giving a name to a house has turned out to be quite a trend among homeowners today, and for all the right reasons! Plus, giving a name to your house is an excellent way to define your personality and give your space a unique identity.

However, naming a house can be a bit overwhelming, as it has to be unique and stand out among the neighborhood homes. Here are 5 ways to name your house.

1. Do Some Research

To name your house, you need to do some research. An ideal name for a house should mirror the personality of the people residing in it and the important events that took place in the house. Think of spending some time exploring the history of the house. Who knows, you might just find some really interesting stories about the house, or even your family, that can be used to derive the name of the house.

2. Look Around

Look carefully around your house and you may find a giant banyan tree in your front yard, a beehive, a breathtaking view of the sunrise, or even some geographical feature nearby, to take cues from. Think of your location to see if you can find any unique architectural details of the house to find a suitable name for your house.

3. Evoke Good Memories

Your home is your personal sanctuary. Hence, naming your house based on a happy memory is an excellent idea. Think of the beautiful winter you spent on a beach or even the tree that the family once picnicked under, that could be used for the name.

4. Get Help from Literature

Another great way to name your house is by taking help from literature. Think of a book that might have created a major impact on your life, or a fictional character that you loved reading about – all of these things can be turned into a suitable house name.

5. Make it Legal

Once you have decided on the name of your house, you can choose to make it legal by adding the name to your postal address. You can even think of adding your address on google maps.

A few other handy tips:

–While naming your home try to avoid duplication. It may be a great idea to walk through the neighborhood to check if the name that you have selected is already being used for any other house.

–Ensure that the nameplate is easily readable. Hence, use a classic font in the nameplate.

–The name of the house should have a positive meaning.

–The nameplate should be well-lit.

Hope you found that useful. May you find the best name for your home sweet home!