10 Ideas To Turn Your Boring Balcony Into A Slice Of Paradise

Last updated on October 11th, 2022

Balconies are a true blessing for people living in cities; regardless of size and space, everyone wants a cozy nook opening out of the rooms into the world outside. If you’re very lucky, you might find yourself the balcony of your dreams: the ideal size to walk, talk, unwind and relax in.

There is a lot you can do with a balcony to turn it into the perfect space of relaxation for yourself. Read on to find 10 balcony decor ideas and see how you can transform your balcony into a paradise.

1. Decorate with patterns and textures

Textures are a great way to add a touch of elegance and luxury to a space. Like you would indoors, use cushions and throws with complementing textures and patterns (made from materials for outdoor use) to turn your balcony into an elegant cocoon of comfort. Similarly, patterned rugs are a great way to make your balcony look instantly cozy, chic, and comfortable. Your tiny Bohemian paradise is ready without emptying your pocket. These pieces will elevate the aesthetics of your balcony while providing a space for when you want to enjoy a relaxing moment out of your bed.

2. Add a lounge chair

A comfortable chair is all you need: in your living space, in your bedroom, in the dining area, and even on your balcony. Wake up on a Sunday and enjoy your coffee sitting in a lounge chair, drinking in the view. When added with a throw pillow or a cushion, you have a comfortable nook to spend hours in. A few planters on the sides can give your balcony a splash of fresh greenery.

3. Add a hammock

A nap in the winter sun – nothing beats it, right? How about a nap in the winter sun in a hammock on your balcony. Leave your quilt on the bed, and slip into the hammock on your balcony to enjoy the sun while snoozing. Enjoy the view, warmth, and a good book to spend the day relaxing in a paradise set in your small space.

4. Add colors

Play with a pop of colors, and don’t hesitate to experiment to create a vibrant look on your balcony. Add colors in the form of plants, hammocks, chairs, cushions, rugs, and lights, and make the atmosphere bright and light. It will make the space eye-catching and inviting as well as comfortable.

5. Greens are your friend

Plants and balconies go hand in hand. You can opt for a range of plants that vary in height, type, arrangement, and season. Plants will instantly enhance the aesthetics of the space and will make the area feel like a private pocket of a verdant forest.

6. Spruce it up with cane furniture

Pick up some cane furniture from a local shop and add it to the balcony to add a Bohemian touch to your balcony. Perfect for a cute breakfast setting, a work from home station, or Sunday brunch with friends, cane furniture is elegant, versatile, durable, and a perfect addition to your living space. 

7. Light up the space

Good lighting can be life-changing, be it anywhere in your home. Enjoy a late evening on the balcony with soft lighting and fairy lights casting a gentle, relaxing glow on you. Scented candles and stylish lanterns can also be added for that soft and comfortable vibe.

8. Add some storage 

Your balcony can be functional and aesthetic at the same time. If you want to add storage, opt for the classic kind that will also add to the aesthetic picture you are painting in your balcony.

9. Hanging Chair 

If you aren’t much a napper, but love a good book in a comfortable chair, why not add a hanging chair to your balcony to enjoy the view with a soft swish instead? Swing and read a book, or lose yourself watching a sunrise or sunset!

10. Less is more

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong listening to this piece of age-old wisdom when it comes to decor. Minimalism is the newest home decor trend, and for good reason: less clutter and chaos make you feel better and give you an airy space to hang out in. Add minimalistic details to your balcony to make it truly stand out.

Balconies are a wonderful escape, and you can keep adding elements to them to elevate the look and aesthetics of the space. You want to aim for a space for unwinding that can also add to the aesthetics of the rest of your home.

We hope that these tips from Homebliss will help you the next time you plan to elevate and decorate your balcony. Keep watching this space for more!