5 Practical Balcony Storage Ideas

Last updated on October 8th, 2021

Your balcony is the most versatile area of the house. It can fill in as a study corner, an unwinding spot, or even act as an extension of the lounge area. Having said that, it doesn’t take much time for this multifaceted area of the house to turn out into a clutter-magnet! From toys, gardening tools, to pet accessories-all household items that tend to make some kind of a mess ends up in the balcony. And the result? You have a cluttered balcony in hand!

So, to help you out, we bring you 5 simple ways to keep this space in your home perfect and spotless!

1. Customize A Storage-cum-Seating Bench

Turn that old seating unit into a multifunctional piece by adding hidden storage to it. You can ask a local carpenter to get this work done. Or, if you have a knack for DIY projects, and want to try your hand at carpentry then, this project is a good way to start. It can have a removable top so you can store extra throw pillows, outdoor rugs and more.

2. Try A Multi-Purpose Balcony Storage Unit

If you have a thing for plants, then try this: Opt for a seating piece with an overhead shelf. An open shelf enables you to display small pots of succulents and herbs to transform your outside niche into a reviving space. You can likewise pick a piece with wood slats that will enable you to add bars and hooks to suit more plants.

3. Embrace Industrial Storage

Those who utilize their balcony as a reading niche or for entertainment, can DIY an industrial decor inspired storage unit, using wooden containers and industrial pipes. Save space by opting for a floor to ceiling vertical unit. Put plants, and books in this unit to refresh your balcony.

4. Stir Up History With An Upcycled Piece

Do you have an old table or shoe rack lying around the house? It is time you breathe life into it! Clean it properly and place it in the balcony. Fill the racks with storage containers like wicker baskets, metal buckets or plastic containers. Utilize these holders to store gardening tools, toys, and other outdoor essentials.

5. Recycle Old Wooden Pallet Boards Into Furniture Pieces

Gardening tools like fowls, and shovels tend to create a mess in the balcony. Keep them organized by making a storage table out of the old wooden pallets. Hang snares on both sides of the table to stow away gardening tools, and use the table to pot a plant, or even as a coffee table.