7 Ideas to Make your Terrace a Walk in Paradise!

Last updated on September 1st, 2021

You can’t be farther from the truth, if you think that your small terrace doesn’t have enough potential to become something right off those glossy interior design magazines! We are here to tell you that your little piece of the outdoors just needs a healthy dose of creativity, some outdoor furniture and lots of plants to transform into a space you’ll have a hard time staying away from!

Here are a few ideas for you to get thinking!

1.  A few beautiful chairs and a colorful mat, and you have yourself your own cozy retreat, right at home! Just remember to make sure the furniture and rugs you get are fit for the outdoors.

2. Surround the seating area on your terrace with plants, and you’ll find that you hardly need anything else! Don’t worry about the kind of plants. Mix them together and let the setting have an organic feel about it!

3. Set up a day bed in your terrace and experience surreal bliss as you lounge there when the weather is just right! Make sure the pillows are super-soft.

4. Place a table and a few chairs in your terrace and experience dining outdoors without stepping out of home.

5.  What’s-his-name was so right when he said, if there’s heaven, it’s right here. Add a hammock to your terrace and see it for yourself!

6.  Think of adding a glass roof to your terrace space. Not only does it add a touch of elegance to the setting, you can enjoy the rain in your cozy sit-out without scrambling to find cover in the event of a sudden downpour!

7.  Set up a vertical garden in your terrace to save space without compromising on lush greenery! Add flowering plants to the mix to add a pop of color to your slice of heaven!