10 Living Room Storage Ideas That Are Great At Hiding Clutter

Last updated on February 8th, 2022

We all know how challenging it is to maintain the tidy look of a living room. With it being the house’s main room, always crowded by family members and guests, the living room naturally requires more attention than any other part of the house.

For every problem, however, there is a solution. And for this one, we have figured out ten fabulous storage ideas that you must try to make your living room shine – without the clutter.

1. Choose smart furniture

The best way to hide the clutter in your living room is to choose double-duty furniture that provides usability as well as storage. Some examples are an ottoman with space within that offers extra seating and storage, a coffee table with drawers for keeping reading materials/electronics, and a shoe cabinet with a top drawer for storing keys and other essentials. What you can also do is, go for an off-the-floor TV unit to make the room look spacious and decluttered.

2. Give your space some floating shelves

Floating shelves are an excellent way to make the living room look both stylish and uncluttered. Choose glass shelves or wooden shelves in white color for a classy look. Glass or white wooden shelves gel well with any decor without looking out of place, so they are a safe bet. Display your favorite artwork, photographs, or accessories on the shelves, while keeping clutter away.

3. Hooks are not just for the bathroom

Hooks are a great option for hiding clutter in your living room. Hooks can be used to hang coats, backpacks, hats, and blankets. You can choose hooks in pretty designs to add to the decor.

4. Add chic baskets to your decor mix

Need some extra space? Add some cute and stylish baskets! Place them in a corner and throw in anything that isn’t finding space anywhere else.

You can even hide the baskets behind large furniture to give your room more openness.

5. Hide the wires

TV, sound system, and Wi-Fi all have unsightly wires and cables that take away the look of your living room, no matter how well you design it. Hiding the cables is an easy task that can be done without calling in a professional. Use cord clips or a cable management box to hide the wires.

6. Use the space underneath furniture

If you are still out of space for things in the living room, put them under the furniture.

Don’t let the space below the coffee table go to waste either.

7. Don’t forget the space behind it

Even the space behind furniture can be used to hide away clutter. If your furniture is not pushed against the wall, use the space left behind them to keep books or magazines, stationery, etc. If you have a lot of space behind it, choose to add a compact modular cabinet for more organized storage.

8. Add a creative touch with wall bookshelves

Wall bookshelves are a rage for tightly spaced living rooms. They help you store your books compactly and stylishly, so do consider this creative storage idea for your living room.

9. Invest in sideboards

Instead of going back and forth from the living room to the kitchen for things, install a sideboard to store all the dining essentials like cutlery, napkins, etc. within easy reach. Choose waist-high and compact-sized sideboards, to take minimal visual space.

10. Create a seating area below a window

The space underneath the window can be turned into a seating area. Install a bench and add colorful pillows and blankets to it. It will be perfect for getting your daily dose of sunshine and indulging in fun conversations with guests.

These living room storage ideas are worth trying, aren’t they? The key is to introduce eye-catching storage. If you are designing your living room, don’t forget these essential living room accessories. And while you are at it, discover some more home storage hacks here.

Happy decorating, peeps!