6 Innovative Storage Ideas for Small Apartments!

Last updated on January 4th, 2022

The one thing that all of us common mortals find ourselves struggling with is, yes, lack of storage space for all of our things. (That keep mounting, for some reason!)

Here are 6 innovative approaches to carve out more storage space in your not-as-big-as-you’d-like apartment!

1. Invest in collapsible organizers (available online) to store your winter wear. They’re easy to install and can be taken right off and folded away when you no longer need them!

2. You don’t need a cupboard to bring out your winter-wear. Just hang a clothesline and use clothespins to keep your gloves and winter-hats sorted! Now, is that a great idea or what!

Courtesy: Familyhandyman

3.  Did you know, that you’re leaving a whole lot of precious closet space unused? Don’t believe us? Just open the doors and look right behind them! Fix hanging cupboard organizers (easily available online) and create space for many of your accessories! Making use of the cupboard doors this way will free up a lot of space in your cupboard that these accessories were crammed into!

Courtesy: gooddiettv

4. Your closet runneth over? No problem! Just fix tin cans on a wall to create an uber-chic storage for your everyday accessories! You’ll have your friends wondering where you got the neat storage idea from!

Courtesy: Shelterness

5.  Fix shower rings on a hanger using twine or ribbons and keep your scarves and stoles super-organized! This is way better than folding them in piles, where trying to take one out disturbs the entire pile.

Courtesy: Everyday Dishes & DIY

6.  Don’t be obsessed with having a closet. Especially if you’re renting a place and don’t have much in terms of storage, and have to make do with what you have! Wire baskets and plastic boxes make great places to keep your apparel and accessories in! You just need to get creative and think out of the closet (er.. box!)

Have fun getting creative with your storage, folks!