10 Space-Saving Trends That Can Make Your Home Bigger!

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

Human beings are hoarders by nature. And the more things we accumulate at home, the lesser the available space becomes! Time to think smart then, don’t you agree?

Here are 10 creative ways to increase the available space in your home that you might want to try, that’ll make your home appear bigger than it is, without compromising on functionality!

1. Storage beds

Beds are like sleeping closets and can hide away a lot of potential clutter. No wonder they are such a big storage trend.

2. Multi-purpose furniture

Choose furniture that serves more than one purpose. Like this shelf-cum-table that you see here, that folds away into the wall when not in use occupying zero space on the floor.

3. Efficient storage in kids room

Get a kids’ bed that can store most of their toys and books. That takes care of a huge amount of potential clutter in their room.

4. Window seating with bookshelves

Carve out a window seating with shelves to house all your books in. You don’t have to go far to curl up with your favorite book now!

5. A floating desk

A desk that occupies zero floor space is easier on the eyes and makes the space appear roomy.

6. Open shelves in the kitchen 

Running out of cabinet space in the kitchen? Choose open shelves to store things in. This doesn’t just make them easy to find, but will also save you a lot of cabinet and drawer space for other things. Just one caveat – you’ll need to keep these shelves organized. But it’s a small ask, isn’t it?

7. Creative wire shelving

Wire baskets that can be hung on walls or over a ladder can be a stylish way to create storage without using up floor space and are setting quite a trend.

8. Under-stair storage

Although this seems like a no-brainer, using the space under the staircase can make life a whole lot organized and your home mess-free!

9. Murphy beds

Murphy beds are quite the trend now, with cozy, full-size beds that can be folded back into walls. These beds also come with plenty of storage space around them in the form of shelves.

10. Pull-out breakfast table

A pull-out breakfast table that goes back and fits onto your kitchen island or a wall can be a great space-saver if you have small kitchens.

Happy decorating and organizing, folks!