13 Awesome Storage Projects To Declutter Your Home

Last updated on February 9th, 2022

Do you ever wonder if those easy-sounding organizing tips in glossy magazines ever really work in real life? Well, we don’t know about those, but the ones we are suggesting here, definitely do!

Here are 13 cool ideas to tame clutter and make your home look like it’s right out of one of those magazines you’ve been reading!

1. Manage all the chargers intelligently by making a cool charging station out of a shoe box. Cover it with colorful paper for a refreshing look. You can get the eyelets for the holes you make in the box, in any art and craft store or online.

2. Keep all the craft essentials sorted with wall-mountable shelves and rods.

3. Or, just keep it simple with a mix of storage boxes.

4.  If you have a spacious home, use a rolling cart! Use it to keep kitchen essentials, or to transfer food from the kitchen to the dining area.

5.  Turn a wall into your child’s canvas by covering it with chalkboard paint.

6.  Why buy a shelf, when you can make one with wooden crates! Just paint them to match your walls

7.  Install hanging racks and use the space behind doors to create extra storage in every room.

8. Create a desktop bulletin board with just a sheet of cork board and some cutting skills.

9. Give your spice jars some breathing space with a drawer organizer (also available online)

10. Install a magnetic strip (available online) behind your dresser door to keep your scissors and make-up tools organized!

11.  Transform an old window shutter into a chic organizer to hold craft and office essentials.

12.  Turn PVC pipes into cute makeup organizers with just a sharp cutter and some acrylic paint!

13.  Install a rod on one side of the kitchen island or cabinet and keep kitchen towels within easy reach.

Happy decorating, folks!