5 Genius Handbag Storage Ideas You Will Want To Try ASAP

Last updated on April 1st, 2022

It’s every woman’s conundrum – where to keep the dozens of handbags when they aren’t in use. And all these bags can be bulky, and susceptible to damage if they aren’t stored properly. So, how does one keep them safe?

Here’re a few ideas you’ll find worth trying.

1. Inside-the-closet Bag-Organizers

Here’s a great space-saving way of keeping your bags in place and safe. You can easily find organizers online that can help you keep all your bags safe right inside your closet, where you can even find them quickly when you need them, and keep them safe from dust and scratches, as they hang.

2. Separated Using Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers (inexpensive and easily available online) can be great to help your bags stay put in their respective places in your cupboard. This way you can keep your bags out of sight, but damage-free and easily accessible whenever you need them. Brilliant idea, isn’t it?

3. Hung Using Shower Curtain Rings

Here’s an inexpensive DIY solution you can probably try this weekend! Hang your bags inside your closet using shower curtain rings. The bags will automatically align themselves sideways, because of the rings and give you lots of space to hang all your totes!

4. In A Dainty Bookcase

Stuff your totes and handbags with crumpled newspapers so that they stay in shape and upright and display them off an unused bookshelf. This way, they won’t rub against one another or get damaged, and stay proudly on display!

5. In A Smart Display Shelf

If you think your collection of totes and handbags is worth showing off, even when they aren’t in use, what better way to store them then, than on a pretty display shelf mounted on a wall in your bedroom? Create a stylish focal point in the room, keep your babies safe and show the world your great taste in bags! How great is that?

Happy decorating, and organizing folks!