4 Brilliant Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Last updated on December 7th, 2021

Storage space is one thing that we can never get enough of! And the more you seem to create it, the faster it seems to disappear. And without enough storage, it becomes hard to keep things organized. And the result? Clutter rearing its ugly head everywhere. How does one make sure the home remains organized, without compromising on precious floor space for storage?

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Here are 4 little-known storage hacks that’ll help you carve out extra storage space in one of the tiniest and most used areas of the house – the bathroom!

1. Install Floating Cabinets

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Install slim, floating storage units in the bathroom to store all your bathroom essentials. This way you have storage space for all your bathroom essentials that don’t reduce any floor space. Plus, there’s no clutter on your countertop space for you to deal with!

2. Paint Ladders and Crates And Use Them As Storage

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Bring out old ladders and crates that you’ve been keeping aside to be given away as scrap, and paint them in bright colors. Prop them up in the unused corners of your bathroom and use them as shelves that add a pop of color to your bathroom, while adding tons of pretty storage for all your bathroom essentials. They’ll not just be your little storage havens, but a stunning sight for sore eyes!

3. Use Over-The-Toilet Storage

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Another area that gets left bare and unused more often than not, is the space above the toilet. When considering storage options, don’t forget this space and have shelves installed and solve all your storage problems in the bathroom.

4. Use Pull-Out Storage

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Use the space under the sink to have cabinets made and install pull-out storage shelves inside them. Stowaway all your bathroom essentials on these shelves, freeing up precious countertop space and making sure you don’t have anything cluttering the countertops.

Let’s make bathrooms the beautiful spaces they’re meant to be! What say?