7 Tips to Renovate Your Bathroom

Last updated on August 20th, 2021

Once merely a utilitarian area of the house, the bathroom has now evolved to be a space to relax and rejuvenate your mind, soul, and body. Today’s modern bathroom design is minimalist, featuring warm and earthy tones, and layers of lighting that help you unwind after day-long work. So, if you have an outdated bathroom, and planning for a renovation, then this blog is just for you.

Tips to Renovate your Bathroom

The inspiration ahead is exactly what you need to get started at your future bathroom and will perhaps make your mornings better. Check out these 7 tips to renovate your bathroom.

1. Tile to your Heart’s Content

There’s little else less boring than an all-white bathroom, featuring neutral colored tiles! Sure, we understand that it is probably the safest long-term solution. However, we think that a small area like the bathroom provides you the ideal opportunity to get creative with statement tiles. Think of mosaic or geometric-patterned tiles in bold colors!

2. Create a Seamless Look

The bathroom is a place where you really need to relax, which is why it is important to make the bathroom comfortable and cozy. Create a seamless look in your bathroom by painting your dividers in a shade close to the tiles, and paint the trim a couple of shades darker. To take it a step further, paint the roof in the same shade as well.

3. Invest on Statement Bathroom Fixtures

Instead of going for standard bathroom fixtures, think of creating a statement with an over the top bathtub or a chic bathroom vanity! You will be surprised to see the change it can bring to your bathroom.

4. Create a Focal Point

Focal points are important in the bathroom. What’s more, since, most of the bathrooms are usually white or other lighter shade, creating a focal point can bring in a whole lot of difference to the space. Add a statement wall that stretches out to the ceiling and add some appropriate lighting above it to highlight the area.

5. Remember to Add Storage

Storage is an imperative aspect of the bathroom. So, while planning the renovation, don’t forget to add aspects of storage so that you can store all those extra towels, shampoo and conditioner bottles. You can even think of including a bathroom vanity in the renovation project to keep things organized and hidden away.

6. Separate Your Wet Area

Separate your wet area from the dry one with a framed glass door. Not only will it make your shower feel bigger, but will also create that additional layer of privacy when you are craving a long shower.

7. Stay Connected to Nature

A floor-to-ceiling glass can transform your bathroom. Paired with an exquisite bathtub or a chic shower, a big window lets you soak in nature as you take a shower, lights up the room, and brings in a spa-like feel. Consider using a translucent or opaque glass that’ll still give you a view of the outside, without compromising on your privacy.