4 Steps To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Last updated on June 11th, 2019

We’re blessed to be living in a time surrounded by innovation and new technologies. Brilliant innovations, transportation efficiency, and productive apps are making it simpler for us to live more effectively. While urban dwellers are getting increasingly technology-dependent, living a sustainable and greener life seems to be a far-fetched reality. However, did you know that embracing a few eco-friendly changes can significantly bring down your utility bills and also aid in living a sustainable life?

Is your home energy efficient?

So, if you are looking to make your home eco-friendly, and don’t know how to be energy efficient, here are 4 things you can start with:

1. Natural Light

Is your home energy efficient?

For a country that receives abundance of sunlight, it is a shame that this useful resource is severely underutilized. So, open up the windows and let the sunlight fill your home with its warmth. This way, you will be able to reduce the usage of artificial light during the daytime. Though passive solar design is mostly seen in western countries, Indian homes are also embracing this concept by utilizing window treatments such as blinds and drapes.

2. Walls and Windows

Is your home energy efficient?

Color plays a major role in brightening or darkening a particular home. So, in case you are planning to refresh your home, think of colors that will reflect light and make the room appear bright and sunny. Tips: Taupe is a neutral shade that blends well into any room. Use this shade in the form of window treatments, cushions, and other soft furnishings.

3. Home Automation

Is your home energy efficient?

With the advent of new technologies, controlling the electricity consumption is not a big deal! Opt for a home automation system that helps you centrally control the electricity consumption of the house. Additionally, you can also install solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system to make your home energy efficient.

4. Lighting Fixtures

Is your home energy efficient?

When it comes to lighting, most of us knowingly or unknowingly splurge on it. To make your home energy efficient, match the amount and quality of light required for a particular room. Additionally, while choosing, analyze the function of the lighting fixture and the room size to figure out how many CFLs or LEDs you would need.