Clean That Filthy Cellphone!

Last updated on July 15th, 2021

Did you know, that on an average a cellphone has around 17,000 bacteria per square inch, which is 18 times more germs than a public restroom or the soles of your shoes?

Shocked? Well, you shouldn’t be. Not after all that you get your cellphone to endure throughout the day!

Every time we touch our phone with our hands that have touched other unclean surfaces, we transfer deadly microbes and bacteria onto it. Add to that the number of germ-laden surfaces that our cellphone comes in contact with directly. And you have yourself the perfect recipe for a wide variety of illnesses, literally at your fingertips!

So, while our cellphones may not look all that dirty to the naked eye, they could definitely use deep cleaning and way more often than we would like to think they do.Here’s a ready reckoner to keep handy, the next time you want to clean that cellphone of yours!

Things You Would Need

Distilled water

Rubbing Alcohol or White Vinegar

A Spray Bottle

A Microfiber Cloth

Cotton Swabs

How To Clean Your Cellphone

• Remove all accessories after removing your phone from its cover and turn it off.

• In a spray bottle, mix 1:1 distilled water and rubbing alcohol and shake well. You can also use a mixture of white vinegar and distilled water.

• Spray a microfiber cloth with the mixture and wet the cloth lightly before wiping the front and back of the phone down.

• If the space around the camera lens, ports, speaker holes or the space around the buttons have dirt build-up, use a dry cotton swab to clean them.

• Let the phone air dry completely before reinserting it into its case.

How To Clean The Cell Phone Case

If you have a cellphone case made of silicone, you can remove it, and wash it in a solution of warm water and dish-washing liquid. Use a cloth to get the dirt off around the edges. Rinse well and air dry completely before putting it back on your phone. For cleaning it on a daily basis, you can use an antimicrobial wipe.

For plastic cases, you will need to remove the phone and wipe down the case with a solution of water and rubbing alcohol using a microfiber cloth. For the hard to reach places, use a cotton swab dipped in the solution. Dry the case thoroughly with a lint-free cloth and ensure that it is completely dry before you reinsert the phone.

Leather cases will need to be cleaned with a cleaning solution specially formulated for leather followed by a leather conditioner.

 Cleaning The Cell Phone Accessories

You can use a mixture of 1:1 distilled water and rubbing alcohol to mist a microfiber cloth before using it to wipe down your cellphone accessories like earbuds, the chargers etc. and always remember to let them air dry completely before using them.

Tips to Maintain Cellphone Hygiene

• Wipe your cellphone down right after it comes in contact with anything that can leave a stain like make-up, inks or sticky foods.

• Be aware of the surfaces that you are touching with your hands, as the germs from there will end up on your phone and multiply there.

• Wash your hands often, especially when you’re out and about.

• Avoid texting in the bathroom.

• Invest in a UV-light sanitizer.

• Get an antimicrobial cover for your phone.

• Clean your phone immediately (but not so overtly) after someone else uses it.

• For quick cleaning use disinfectant wipes to give your phone an occasional wipe down.