7 Brilliant Storage Solutions For Bedrooms You Should Know About

Last updated on March 24th, 2022

Think your bedroom’s too small? Well, you aren’t alone. We know, that thought might offer little in terms of comfort when you find yourself seeing more and more things in your bedroom looking for a place to call it home!

Well, we are here to help. Here are 7 storage solutions that will take help you keep your bedroom uber-organized, uber-spacious, and looking uber-chic, all at the same time! Don’t believe us? Read on then.

1. Add floating display shelves to one of the corners of the bedroom and keep interesting curios that don’t necessarily belong in the living room.  You’ve not only utilized unusable space, but managed to beautify it as well!

2. Dress the foot of your bed with a storage bench and save the space you would have invested on a bookshelf elsewhere in the house!

3.  Build a storage-enabled headboard for your bed and you have for yourself a bookshelf-cum-display case, right in your bedroom. You could even use it as a night stand. See? More space saved!

4.  A sliding storage unit along the headboard of your bed is a great hidden-storage option, for medicines or other night-time essentials.

5. Get pegboards! We think every bedroom can use one. Mount it in your bedroom and hang all your essentials off it, all neatly organized and clearly visible. You can even display your jewelry off a pegboard installed in front of your dresser. No more hunting for bit and bobs when you’re in a rush!

6.  Install a pull-out rack in your closet to hang your trousers from. Keep them all organized and crease-free!

7.  Put up hooks and tension rods on the back of the closet door to store shoes, bags, and other essentials. That’s a whole lot of potential but unused storage space, right there!

Happy decorating, folks!