4 Ingenious Tips to Make your Balcony Cozy this Winter

Last updated on November 23rd, 2020

Winter is here. And so are layers and layers of clothes and blankets to keep the biting cold away! But just because the days are getting shorter and nights are becoming longer, that’s no excuse to turn your balcony into a no-man’s land!

After all, we all long for a space of our own to relax in and to enjoy the fresh air outside. How about turning this strictly-utilitarian-so-far balcony of yours into that space? There are many ways to turn your balcony into an enticing getaway to unwind in, with a cup of piping hot chai or a glass of wine. And we are here to share with you 4 easy ways to get started! It’s time to put your creative hat on, and spruce up your personal slice of the outdoors that you haven’t been paying much attention to all this while!

1.  Give it some serious green color!

Keep your balcony green and beautiful with lots of (low-maintenance, if you don’t have a green thumb) plants! Keep them at varying heights to create a Pinterest-worthy appeal. You will be amazed at what these humble creatures can do to a setting!

2. Let there be light! And aroma!

Just because it gets cold in the night, it doesn’t have to mean that you can’t spend time on your balcony! Cheer it up with some fairy lights and aromatic candles to create an ambiance that warms the heart despite the cold outside!

3. Make it lounge-worthy

Place weather proof chairs and a table to be able to sit down and enjoy your steaming cuppa on chilly winter mornings. Add plenty of colorful cushions and a throw blanket or two, to make the space super-cozy.

4. Add a little bit of ‘you’

Last but not the least, add decor elements that spell ‘you’. Personalize your slice of the outdoors with things that you love, and you’ll be looking for excuses to spend time there!