Kinds Of Clutter That We All Have In Our Home

6 Kinds Of Clutter And Ways To Make Sure It Doesn’t Reappear!

Last updated on June 13th, 2022

Yes, the clutter in your home, now has categories. And believe it or not, this categorization makes it surprisingly easier to deal with! It doesn’t just tell you what to do with it, but also tells you how to ensure you don’t accumulate any more of it!

Kinds Of Clutter That We All Have In Our Home

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There are the six kinds of clutter you’ve been sitting on all this while. Intrigued? Read on to know more.

1. ‘Homeless’ clutter

Kinds Of Clutter ‘Homeless’ Clutter


This isn’t really clutter. This is just stuff that you need to allocate a storage space place to. This can be books you haven’t bothered to arrange on your bookshelf, stray winter-clothes that you’ve missed putting away, toys out of their boxes etc.

You can easily deal with it, one pile at a time, by finding a ‘home’ for each item, and making sure it finds its way home every time it ventures out.

2. Trash pretending to be clutter

Kinds Of Clutter Trash Pretending To Be Clutter

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This is the most commonly found clutter in every household. Things like expired food and medicines, magazines and newspapers you’ve never read, useless flyers and ads you’ve never bothered to trash, broken spectacles, etc.

It’s fairly simple to get rid of this clutter. Just trash it before you change your mind.

3. Clutter bought on sale

Kinds Of Clutter Clutter Bought On Sale

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If you happen to be someone who just can’t resist a ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ offer, even if you don’t find any pressing need to buy the items being offered on sale, then your cupboards must be spilling over with this kind of clutter.

How to get rid of it? Just trash or donate what you don’t need (which will be almost all of it) and steel yourself against offers enticing you to invest money and precious storage space on things you’ll never need or find any use for.

4. Clutter you’ve been stocking-up on

Kinds Of Clutter Clutter You’ve Been Stocking-Up On

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This is ‘abundance’ clutter that you’ve accumulated trying to stock up for the imagined ‘rainy day’.

While stocking up on things you are going to use, like toiletries for example, might be a good idea, stocking up on food, clothing and décor elements is just not needed. In fact, you will end up trashing a lot of this clutter as your tastes in clothing and décor will change with changing trends and a lot of food that you stock up on, will expire by the time you find yourself reaching for it.

5. The ‘must-have’ clutter

Kinds Of Clutter The ‘Must-Have’ Clutter

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This is ‘aspirational’ clutter that you’ve managed to accumulate, every time you’ve talked yourself into buying things that you don’t need and have no use for, just to make yourself look better in the eyes of others. These are just material things collecting dust in some corner of your house, and give you no joy.

Just donate it all, and stop yourself and think hard the next time you’re tempted to buy anything that even remotely fits this category.

6. Old memories adding to clutter

Kinds Of Clutter Old Memories Adding To Clutter

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We are all guilty of hanging onto age-old greeting cards and other keep-sakes, for decades altogether. A habit that leaves us with mounting clutter and lesser and lesser storage space.

And this kind of sentimental stuff that we tend to hold onto, can be the hardest form of clutter to get rid of. Because we associate it with feelings and memories from times gone by, and find it hard to let go.

Ok! Time to stop beating yourself up about it. Just keep one or two, and trash or donate the rest. All those memories are safe in your head, for as long as you need.