How To Add The Elegance Of French Country Design To Your Living Room

Last updated on August 18th, 2022

France is synonymous with elegance, whether it is people, place, food, or architecture. This is why the French country style is arguably the most preferred among many western-influenced interior decor ideas. If you are inclined towards minimalistic yet classy home decor ideas, the French country design is right for you.

French country design is simplicity at its best. It combines basic elements to create the ultimate beauty. Consider these six things to give your living room a French country makeover.

1. Choose Soft Colors

Vibrant and lively colors are not a part of the French aesthetic. Neither are dull and dark colors. So, choose soft colors like cream, lavender, and pink to give your room an elegant and relaxed characteristic. Moreover, get similar colored furniture for the best outcome. Remember, the choice of colors reflects your personality.

2. Go Floral

Floral patterns are a typical characteristic of the French country design. They are simple yet one of the most beautiful ways to add that extra touch of elegance. From wall patterns to sofa/pillow covers and tablecloths, you can go floral all the way! What’s more, you can also borrow the same idea for living room curtains.

3. Choose Rustic and Antique

Elegance doesn’t always come from modern design elements. In the case of the French country design aesthetic, it comes from rustic elements. Imagine having a vintage-looking glass shelf to hold your books and small earthen pots. Or an antique rotary phone hung by the cream-colored, floral wall. Or an antique French lamp and a crystal chandelier. Or a simple marble corner table. Classic French, isn’t it?

4. Add Natural Elements

Another prime characteristic of French country design is its usage of natural elements. Natural materials like timber, pine, or sandalwood furniture can help add elegance to your rooms. You can even go a step further and add exposed masonry like brick walls, antique chimneys, stone fireplaces, aged paint effects, and pieces of wooden designs like ladders, stools, candleholders, and footrests.

5. Go for Ornate Wallpapers

Let your living room reflect French country culture from the 18th century with ornate wallpapers. Wallpapers can massively influence the look and feel of the place. They can add a romantic and graceful touch. Moreover, ornate wallpapers will also blend with floral designs.

6. Choose Shutters Over Windows

A living room should have windows. However, if you are planning for a French country design-inspired living room, shutters should be your ideal choice. Apart from filling your room with sunshine and fresh air, they also provide the signature French look and feel. You can choose distressed or time-worn shutters that will teleport you to the classic French era.

Consider the tips mentioned above to give your living room a French country look and achieve the best results. Apart from designing your living room from scratch, you can also choose to revamp it.

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