Sneaky Storage Champions: 7 Built-In Systems That Win The Space Race

Last updated on October 5th, 2023

There just doesn’t seem to be enough storage, especially when you have a small space. With the couch and the TV unit in place, there is hardly room to stretch your legs! Or so it seems. But it’s all about perception. What seems small isn’t necessarily so.

If you lay down your arms in defeat just because there is no room for your stuff, you are going to wallow in self-pity. But, we have your back. These sneaky storage tricks will bring a smile back to your face! Take a look:

1. Built-in Cupboards

Built-in cupboards are not only charming, but they also provide ample storage space. However, besides their aesthetic appeal, these magnificent units can store more than their fair share of stuff. What’s more, if you don’t go overboard on your shopping trips, you will find there is room for more stuff. Let the wardrobe go all the way up to the ceiling to get the most out of your space. You can encompass your bedroom door too, so that the space above doesn’t get wasted.

2. Built-in Cabinets

ondering what to do about the awkward niche in the room? Or the wasted space next to your TV unit? The solution is simple. Build a unit around the TV. And, a quaint storage unit in your niche will not only give you extra storage space but also add an interesting feature to your decor. Built-in cabinets work in any area of your home if you care to give your space a closer look.

3. Open Shelving

Built-in cabinets are a practical solution for storage woes. However, when you add open shelving units to the mix, you get the best of both worlds; storage plus pizzazz. If you are short on space and don’t want the vases and books to take up too much room, rattan hampers on your shelves will add style and take care of storage too.

4. Storage Under Stairs

You can do a lot with the space you have under your staircase. Apart from quirky ideas such as a study or a kitchenette in that space, you can install built-in cupboards to store your sports kits, shoes, school bags and books too. Your options are shuttered cabinets with shelves or pullout drawers for your shoes and school kits.

5. Storage Under the Window Seat

A gorgeous window seat is just what your room needs for a cozy feel. But hey, why let the space underneath go to waste? Sleek drawers with stylish pulls will add an interesting element to your window seat. Ideal for your guest linens or towels for the pullout bed on your sofa. The space on the sides can come in handy for extra shelving units.

6. Under the Bed Storage

Chances are that you already have storage under your bed. If not, now is your chance to give your bed a few tweaks or get a storage bed. Pull-out drawers are practical for everyday use. For dead storage such as spare duvets, sheets and pillows, under-the-bed storage is a better idea.

7. Behind the Bed Storage

Behind-the-bed storage units were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. There is no reason why you can’t incorporate them into your design when they are so practical. The best part is that the open shelving at the back is ideal for your books, alarm clock or reading glasses. As there is lighting in the storage unit, your room looks roomy, as there is no need for side tables.

Summing Up

Built-in storage units are manna from heaven. The storage possibilities are endless once you get into the groove. However, make sure you opt for slim units, or your space will look smaller than it is. For more creative storage ideas, visit, the ultimate answer to your design needs.