Under-The-Bed Storage Ideas That Crush Storage Woes In Style!

Last updated on June 17th, 2022

There is never enough storage space in your home. And your trips to the nearby shopping mall are not helping any. What is one to do in these trying situations? You can stuff your clothes and extra sheets in the back of your wardrobe. Or you can stash them in suitcases on the top of your wardrobe.

Is it even possible to cut back on your shopping trips? Granted, not an ideal solution. But, before you chew your fingernails to the quick, check out these amazing under-bed storage ideas.

Under-the-bed pullout drawers

Pull-out drawers under your bed are a great way to not only deal with your extra sheets and pillows, but also your shoes, nightwear, and your winter woolens.

You can opt for a drawer at the foot of your bed for your pillows and blankets, or have pull-out drawers on the sides of your bed for your extra clothes and shoes. For double bed storage, you can go for drawers on both sides of your bed.

It’s best to avoid handles on these drawers or you might injure yourself while getting out of bed. You can let the drawer blend in with the bed or you can make a standout statement with a contrasting color.

Under the bed storage for your kid’s room

Kids and clutter may as well be synonyms. The ever-mounting pile of books, toys, and clothes is hard to store, no matter how big your wardrobe. Funky under-the-bed storage drawers are a neat way to clear the clutter at bedtime.

Apart from your storage needs, these beds with drawers allow you to add a bit of color to your decor. You can go for funky vibrant colors or try out different tones of the same shade for added interest. Your bunk bed too can do with a few drawers under the bed for your kid’s games and puzzles.

Under the mattress storage

If you have frequent live-in guests, you have a fair idea about how difficult it is to store extra mattresses, blankets, and pillows. An under-the-bed storage option is ideal for storing these essentials.

These roomy storage double bed storage units can house a lot of stuff that you don’t need in your day-to-day life. If you have difficulty lifting the storage flap, you can always opt for the hydraulic version.

Storage under your sofa-cum-bed

Impromptu guests dropping in at odd hours can be exasperating. Hunting for spare blankets and extra pillows while you try to keep a straight face is not easy.

Storage under your sofa-cum-bed is a blessing in these trying situations. All you have to do is grab the pillows and sheets from the double bed storage sofa-cum-bed underneath and make your guest comfortable. All in a matter of minutes.

Adding the style element to your under-the-bed storage

There is no reason why your storage drawers shouldn’t add style to your decor. You can cover them with upholstery, add open niches for your books; or even add a splash of color to the mix. You can play with contrasts or let them blend into your decor.

Also, you need not restrict yourself to the standard fare. You can go for a series of slim drawers to house your delicate underwear or socks. Or you can go for a mix and match of different sizes to suit your storage needs.

Funky under-the-bed storage ideas

Sometimes, quick-fix solutions are the best kind. Who says you have to drag in the carpenter to tackle your under-the-bed storage needs? Let’s check out how you can deal with your storage issues without having to cope with the mess of wood filings and the cacophony of hammering.

Straw or cane baskets in uniform size under your bed are a great way to store your extra towels and sheets.

Canvas storage bags can tackle anything from your gym equipment, your shoes, or extra towels.

Pullout stools under your bed are great for when you have extra guests. They also provide you with ample storage once you lift the lid.

Metal shoe racks and plastic containers shoved under the bed are handy storage options.

Final words

The possibilities are limitless. You can play this the way you want; be it in the size of your storage, or the color choice. One thing is for sure, there will be enough room in your cupboard for the skinny jeans you saw at the mall. Need a bit of inspiration? Check out homebliss.in.