9 Sneaky Tips On Decorating A Small Kitchen

Last updated on November 9th, 2021

If you have a small kitchen, that’s not really a downer. What if we told you a small kitchen has tons of advantages over a large one? Surprised?
While the most important advantage is economic and a modest kitchen costs much less to remodel, it also takes less effort to clean and maintain a smaller kitchen. Not to mention, fewer footsteps (read effort) during meal preps.
Having said that, decorating small kitchens can be tricky and needs some creative thinking.

Let this article be your guide to adding a zing to your cozy kitchen space in 9 sneaky ways. You’ll find these tips easy to implement, whether you are renting or happen to be an apartment owner.

1. Beauty – from the ground up

Let’s start with the floor tiles, shall we? While it’s not immediately apparent, flooring dramatically impacts the overall aesthetics of any room because of the significant amount of space it takes up. So, give your floor a creative upgrade with classy and eye-catching kitchen tiles or vinyl sheets. Measure your kitchen dimensions to know the number of tiles or the number of vinyl flooring sheets you want to order. You can easily find dozens of options online as well we offline.

2. Backsplash makeover on a budget

A colorful backsplash gives the eye something beautiful to land on, the moment you enter the kitchen. It also protects your walls from kitchen mishaps. Invest in a removable backsplash wallpaper that is waterproof and meant for kitchens and bathrooms. Choose one that complements the existing colors and aesthetic, paste it in areas that catch the eye, and watch how it revitalizes the whole space in a jiffy!

3. Give chalkboard paint a shot

This paint gives a chalkboard texture to your wall and is a perfect blend of functionality and fun! A chalkboard-painted wall or even a frame in the kitchen (like the one you see above) takes minimal effort and can take the visual appeal many notches up!
And this quirky corner can be the canvas for all your creative impulses: decorate it with chalk art, interesting menus, funny quotes, or quickly jot down your to-dos or shopping lists. And – erase it all when you feel you’re ready for a change!

4. Add some green elegance

Plants in the kitchen are among the best ways to breathe new life into the space. There are also a number of ways to customize them based on what you like. Would you like to just revitalize the design of your kitchen, or would you like something practical too? If you belong to the first category, get hardy, ornamental plants like ferns, money plants, or succulents.

You can even put faux plants above your refrigerator if you don’t have a green thumb or the time for their care.
Or you can go all out and grow herbs like rosemary and basil, even microgreens – and add a homegrown touch to your cooking. You can keep these plants in pretty planters or ceramic pots that match your kitchen decor.

5. Give your cabinets and refrigerator – a new lease on life

Step aside from the traditional monotonous cabinet and refrigerator colors! Painting your cabinets and refrigerator will transform your kitchen beyond belief. And no, it isn’t difficult. All you need to do is – use a paint primer first on these glossy surfaces to get a smooth, matte surface to paint on and seek help from the countless YouTube videos on the process!

6. Put your pretty crockery on display

Our next decor suggestion is utensils that double up as fabulous display items. Your ceramic dinner sets can amp up the elegance of your kitchen space in minutes! Then why reserve them for special occasions only?
Don’t be afraid to experiment with ceramics and stoneware in bold and trending colors. Just create a space to display them in style on one or more of the kitchen walls and you’ll be amazed at how the space rocks in a matter of minutes!

7. Add Racks and Rods high on function and form

Have you ever given a thought to arranging your kitchen accessories in an aesthetically pleasing way? If not, now is the time to do it! Use wall-mounted racks to show off pretty storage boxes with hooks under them to hang your pretty ladles and spoons. Mount classy-looking rods to display your cups in easy-to-reach rows. Give your modest kitchen a chic, and alluring look, with these space-saving designs and some creativity thrown in!

8. Use off-beat wall art

One of the easiest ways to decorate your kitchen is with wall art. Hang food-related quotes or artwork in your kitchen. Or put up your kids’ little paintings on the refrigerator door with attractive magnets. Not only will you be dolling up your kitchen space, but your kids will feel proud and happy to see their handy work getting all the attention!

9. Trick the eye with mirrors

This decor idea isn’t just fabulous because of the visual appeal it brings in. But installing large mirrors in small kitchens has a functional aspect too. Placing mirrors at angles where they can reflect light creates an illusion of a larger space. Therefore, large mirrors in your small kitchen can make the area feel more spacious, bright, and open.

“Everyone belongs in the kitchen because there’s food in the kitchen.” That’s how a popular quote on the internet goes, and we couldn’t agree more. So, even with a small kitchen, don’t be afraid to dream big! Did we miss anything?

Are you doing something different? Let us know!