Seven Stunning Bathrooms Worth Living In!

Last updated on April 1st, 2022

From being merely functional spaces, the smallest rooms in our homes, the bathrooms, have evolved unbelievably and almost taken center stage today and whether they are tiny or huge, they’ve become our own private sanctuary. Which is why, there’s a lot of thought that needs to go into what goes into these oases in our home.

Here are 7 such spaces that we absolutely adore. See if they inspire you to spruce up your own private retreat back home!

Refreshingly Modern

This bathroom is for true minimalists. The concrete-like tiles and the black, no-frills fittings lend a simple and clean look to this elegant bathing space. What’s most noticeable about this bathroom though, is the amazing use of space that ensures everything in it fits in snugly and continues to have breathing space, all at the same time. a bohemian charm.

Opulently Earthy

Whether you prefer your space leaning towards the contemporary or like to show off your ethnic roots, it’s best that you use the same design sensibilities in your bathrooms as well. Looking at this bathroom, one can tell that the dweller of this home definitely likes the earthy side of things with the copper tones seen used generously in this space, right alongside the crisp, contemporary lines all around.

Pristine and Resplendent

Contrary to what you may think, if you want to play it safe with your bathroom space then you’ll need to stay well away from white. That’s because while the color has the power to bestow luxury to a space instantly, it can also as easily highlight its flaws. This bathroom definitely makes going all-white look easy. And beautiful as hell! Don’t you think?

Naturally Raw

The play of the various textures in this bathroom is almost too much for the senses to handle – with the highlight of the space being the live wall that works like a constantly evolving artwork. The use of wood in different finishes complements the natural vibe of the space and bathed in natural light, this Zen bathroom ties together all the elements in this minimalistic setting with maximum ease.

Lush and Colorful

Although not many of us think of experimenting with wallpapers in bathrooms, it is singularly the easiest and fastest way to add an instant appeal to any space. That could be because water and paper, don’t really gel well in our minds. But the quality and materials available in the wallpaper industry today should put those fears to rest easily. So, go ahead and give your bathroom a makeover, like this perfectly rendered bathroom here, with its floral pink wallpaper!

Elegantly Old World

Opulent. Luxurious. Classy. Just a few words that come to mind when you look at this regal bathroom. What’s stunningly noticeable is the perfect marriage of the classic with the contemporary and the fine balance of the old world and the new taking the design narrative to the next level. Who wouldn’t want to revel in this luxury?

Green and Minimalistic

What better way to unwind than being close to nature and this bathroom is a perfect example of how we can integrate nature into our personal spaces. The interesting play of different textures here enhances the appeal of the earthy and neutral color palette. What’s more, the raw appeal of sisal and wood used extensively in the décor lends an almost spa-like, soothing ambiance to the space.

Happy decorating, folks!