10 Brilliant And Functional Home Office Ideas

Last updated on July 12th, 2022

Whether you use your home office to run a business out of, or for the occasional work-from-home situation, it needs to be a space that you love and are comfortable using.

Here are 10 ideas to create that perfect office space at home and make it as beautiful as it is practical. After all, it’s your sacred space!

1. Choosing the location

Keep in mind that you’ll be spending a lot of time in your home office, so don’t try to fit in your office in a tiny, featureless area, that barely meets your requirements. You will also need to think about how you want this space to be – in the middle of all activity in the house, or tucked away in a quiet area, away from all the action. And if you have clients visiting, that changes things even more.

2. Function Over Form? Maybe Not! 

Before buying furniture for your office, you will need to consider how you want to organize your desk space and what would be the frequently used things that you’ll need at hand. Also, keep in mind that the furniture you buy for your home office needs to blend in with the rest of your décor. It is a good idea to choose something functional and nice-looking at the same time.

3. Get A Comfy Chair

Invest in a good ergonomically designed chair, as you’ll be spending hours on it every day.

4. Make It Your Favorite Color

When choosing a color for the walls of your home office, choose a color you would love to see every day. It can be a calming color or a striking color that adds character to your office space.

5. A Window With A View? 

Plan your office space near a window that can give you a view. It’ll not just give you natural light, but a view to admire, every time you need a breather from being hunched over your laptop.

6. Accessorize For Style

Get a hold of extras to enhance the appeal of your home office space. It can be a mug, a desk organizer, or a pencil holder. Let these depict your personal style and preference. You can even hang inspirational prints on the walls and keep a few interesting knick-knacks on your desk.

7. Organize Your Space 

To save on space, get floating shelves to hang from walls, that can help keep the papers and office equipment off the desk. It’s also a good idea to use vertical file folders to keep important papers within easy reach.

8. Keep It Uncluttered  

Plan to hide the unsightly cords snaking out from your laptop, printer and other equipment. Tame all your cords using cord winders, tubing, or wire organizers that keep the cords off the floor.

9. Choose A Well-Lit Space

Your office space needs to be well-lit to keep the strain off your eyes. Make sure your screen is positioned to avoid any glare from a window or an overhead light.

10. Mark Your Territory! 

Make space on your own by decorating your desk or the walls with a few things you cherish, like a piece of framed art, or photographs of your kids.

Happy decorating, folks!