10 Ways to Add The Vibrance Of Rajasthani Decor To Your Interiors!

Last updated on November 30th, 2021

There’s something about Rajasthan that makes the heart skip a beat! Be it the rich culture, the warm people, the royal palaces or the colorful linen, Rajasthan gives you plenty of reasons to fall in love with it.

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Drawing inspiration from this splendid land of colors and glory, we present to you 10 stunning ways to bring home a slice of Rajasthan!

1. Low-level Furniture

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During the ruling era, the kings of Rajasthan used low-level furniture.  And this someone got passed on through the years and is an important décor feature of contemporary, yet truly Rajasthani homes. Something worth trying!

2. Beautiful Wall Murals

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A distinctive feature that you can find in most Rajasthani palaces and forts is the presence of wall murals. Include wall murals to give your home an authentic Rajasthani look!

3. Jaipuri Linen

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The famous Rajasthani tie-n-dye fabrics, made using an age-old and purely organic method, can give a unique and truly Rajasthani appeal to your interiors.  You can choose to use them in curtains, upholstery or bed linen.

4. Terracotta Jalis

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One way to recreate the vibrance of Rajasthani decor in your home is to use Jalis! You can use these carved Jalis in windows or even as room dividers.

5. In-built Wall Shelves

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Traditional Rajasthani houses had these inbuilt wall-shelves that were used to keep lanterns. They form a part of contemporary Rajasthani homes today, serving as vintage décor elements!

6. Cement Beds

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Cement beds or seating is an important aspect of Rajasthani decor. It can give an earthy appeal to your interiors.

7. Hanging Lanterns

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When it comes to lighting, no one does it better than Rajasthan! Use hanging lamps in your home to beautify it, just like they do in the land of kings!

8. Storage Trunks

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Use hand-carved traditional chests or trunks in your home to store extra blankets and linen, while adding the unmistakably Rajasthani elegance.

9. The Jhoola

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No Rajasthani home is complete without a traditional wooden Jhoola. Add one to your living room and see it transforming into a different space!

10. Colorful Walls

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Rajasthani homes are known for their brightly-hued walls. Recreate the same magic in your home with brightly colored interiors.

You won’t have to go to Rajasthan to feel the vibrance and beauty of its culture anymore. You can have small little reminders of it scattered throughout your home now!