6 Most Clever Attic Storage Ideas for your Home

Last updated on April 25th, 2021

The hoarders that we all humans tend to be, storage is something that we never seem to get enough of. And even after we build a new cabinet or get a storage bed, there is always something or the other that needs space to be stored!

This is where our beloved attic or the storeroom comes to our rescue. From winter blankets to the sports gear that hardly ever gets used – the attic is a space that can fit anything and everything in the house that seldom sees the light of day!

Have a look at these 6 extremely clever ways to take the storage in this wonderful room to a whole new level!

1.  A Long Bench With Storage

If you are a bibliophile and have always hoped to have an in-house library, then this idea is just for you! Transform the attic space into a mini-library in no time by creating a seating space that runs across the room and cozy little shelves under it for all your books!

2. Hanging Space Along With Drawers

One of the ways to put the attic space to full use is to build a hanging space next to your chest of drawers, and there you have it! An additional wardrobe for your seasonal clothes!

3. Shoe Storage

If you tend to get obsessed with shoes and end up buying the season’s latest, then you totally deserve a separate room to stow away all your favorite picks! Build a shoe rack in the attic space and spend time trying your favorite pieces at leisure!

4. A Window Seat With Storage

You can also build a window nook in the attic with in-built storage! Use the space to get away from the madding crowd and spend some ‘me’ time reading a book and unwinding.

5. A Daybed With Storage

Another great idea for your attic space is to convert it into a mini bedroom! In case you have a teenager, who likes to have their own space, then this room is a great option. You can also think of making this space into a guest bedroom. Don’t forget to include sufficient storage space along with a bed.

6. Wooden Shelving All-Around

Build a custom-made wooden shelf in the attic, and use it to stow away all the household essentials! You can use plastic boxes or baskets to keep the space organized and tidy.