15 Chic & Cheap Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Rich

Last updated on December 5th, 2020

If your bathroom hasn’t seen any sprucing-up in a long while and is beginning to look dull and outdated, it might be time for a quick makeover.

While redoing an entire bathroom can be an expensive affair, there are several ideas that you can use to give your bathroom a facelift without making a big dent in your wallet. Here are 15 chic and cheap ways to turn your bathroom into your very own private spa!

1. Let There Be The Right Light

Revive a worn-out bathroom by replacing outdated light fixtures with new ones.

2. Color The Walls

Give a boring washroom a quick color makeover. Cheer it up with a bold color.

3. Add Pretty Accessories

Adding small details has a significant impact on a bathroom, especially on the countertop. Notice how the pretty flowers, plants and the frame, give this bathroom a cozy, spa-like vibe.

4. Change The Countertop

Replacing the countertop material can bring in a significant change in the way your bathroom looks. In the picture above, the designer has replaced a boring countertop with a wooden one and given the setting a plush vibe.

5. Shelves To The Rescue

In case you are dealing with a tiny bathroom make use of shelves to expand storage. Plush towels and toiletries in an open shelf can create an intriguing look.

6. Tile It Up

Change the tiles in the bathroom and see the difference it makes to the whole space, taking its luxe factor up several notches.

7. Get Artsy

Give that boring bathroom a visual lift with some quirky artwork. The artwork will catch the eye and is easy on the pocket too.

8. Wallpaper It!

If you are you looking for a quick yet low-commitment makeover idea, there’s nothing that can beat wallpaper! Available in various colors, patterns, and textures, when it comes to wallpaper, your options are limitless.

9. Give Your Windows The Right Treatment

When refreshing the bathroom, even the tiniest of changes can bring in a whole lot of difference – and one such simple, yet significant décor element is window treatment. Wooden blinds, for instance, lend a contemporary style, and shutters can give a cottage-like feel to a bathroom.

10. Comfort Underfoot

If you are staying in a rented apartment where painting or changing the fixtures is not an option, give your bathroom a personal touch with a brilliantly-hued floor rug.

11. Invest In Colorful Shower Curtains

Cheer up a dull bathroom with colorful shower curtains.

12. Go Stylish With Storage

Create beautiful shelves to hold all your bathroom essentials. This wooden freestanding rack kept next to the sink works well with the decor, making it a great addition to the bathroom’s elegant decor.

13. Add Molding

Give your bathroom mirror a makeover by surrounding it with colorful molding. In the picture above, the mirror sports a simple yet chic look of painted wood that unifies it with the rest of the room.

14. Stack Towels in Style

If you have limited wall space, get creative with your towel bar to keep towels within easy reach, and do it in style.

15. Get A Pedestal Sink

Free up floor space in your bathroom by replacing your square-shaped vanity with a smooth pedestal sink that will make the bathroom appear spacious. And a larger bathroom spells class!