5 Decorating Rules You Need To Forget ASAP

Last updated on April 1st, 2022

There are a few basic rules that one needs to stick to when decorating a space. But there are some rules that are way past their expiration date and need to be wiped clean from our memory.

Here are some of them. See if you’re still holding on to any of these.

1. Old Rule: Furniture Pieces Need To Match

The old rule that says that all furniture pieces in a setting need to match poses a major décor problem. Since the rule is so creatively narrow, it makes introducing something new very difficult, as it ends up looking totally out of place, and with new trends emerging, the décor ends up looking outdated very soon. It’s a way better idea to mix up different woods and finishes, keeping the décor interesting and lending it personality. It also gives you the freedom to add or remove pieces without disrupting the look of the entire setting.

2. Old Rule: You Can’t Paint Wooden Furniture

If you have a beautifully crafted piece of furniture in solid wood, that looks quite dated and doesn’t seem like it’ll go well with the contemporary décor of your home, it’s a great idea to go right ahead and paint it. It may have been unthinkable a few years ago but happens to be a popular trend today. You’ll be amazed at the statement your old piece will end up making with just a fresh coat of paint!

3. Old Rule: You Can’t Mix Metals In A Room

Mixing metals can add visual interest and character to a setting. But it’s important that you strike a balance between your use of different metal finishes so that the look is what you desire and not merely accidental. You will also need to keep in mind the sheen of the various metals that you’re trying to bring together, as metals with similar sheens tend to work well together.

4. Old Rule: Small Rooms Need Small Furniture

There’s a whole new take on this old rule that’s gaining popularity in décor trends today. And as per this new take, a small room filled with small furniture is actually believed to make a room appear smaller than it is. It’s a better bet to use a couple of large pieces to anchor the space and opt for smaller furniture in the rest of the space. Small rooms are also getting painted in bold, moody hues (and not white), which, along with oversized furniture pieces and a mix of floral and patterned accessories, adds drama to the setting.

5. Old Rule: Every Room Needs A Rug

Rugs do help anchor a room and create a space for furniture. But whoever thought that you can’t go rug-less, couldn’t have been farther from the truth! If you have wooden or stone flooring, leaving it bare can actually open up the room and make it appear bigger, as without a rug framing the room, it actually extends all the way up to the walls. Going rug-less also ensures you spend less time cleaning and end up dealing with fewer allergies.

Enjoy breaking the age-old rules, folks!