8 Stunning Ways to Decorate Using Old Wooden Crates!

Last updated on March 24th, 2022

Come the season of mangoes, most of us end up with empty wooden crates lying around the house. And all we ever think of doing with them is selling them to the local scrap dealer for peanuts. What is little known is the huge number of aesthetic uses that these humble-looking design elements can be put to! Can’t believe it? See it for yourself!

1.  A coat of paint and some wheels and you can turn your piece of junk into a chic side table that can be moved around when needed!

2. Turn a wooden crate into a nice storage basket to keep those extra throw pillows from cluttering your living room. Give it a coat of paint if you feel it needs a little something to work well with your décor.

3.  Or repurpose a few into a bathroom storage unit (with wheels) to store all your bath-time essentials. Seek help from your carpenter if you aren’t handy with a hammer and nails.

Source: Home Depot Blog

4. You can get your local handyman to transform a few of them into a coffee table like the one you see here, and we promise you’ll get tired of telling people where you got it from!

5. Stick a few of them together and give them a coat of paint, and you have yourself a great storage unit that you can use in your kid’s bedroom. Use your carpenter or handyman if you find this beyond your scope.

Source: Style Motivation

6. How about making TV unit with wooden crates and giving your bachelor pad an uber-cool look?

7. Or use several of them (painted or not!) as quirky planters for your living room.

8. They can even make a great rustic addition to your entryway, giving your shoes a cozy home!

Happy decorating, everyone!