8 Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

Last updated on December 22nd, 2021

There are few decor elements as fun and versatile as wallpaper. A simple search on the internet will throw up a plethora of articles and ideas claiming that wallpaper is the ultimate decor solution. But, the truth (which no one tells you about) is that – Wallpaper can actually make or break a room, making it either totally chic or a permanent eyesore!

So, to help you out, we have put together ideas in which wallpaper plays a unique role. In these thoughtful ideas, wallpaper acts as the scene-stealer, creating a harmonious blend of eccentricity and quirkiness. From sprucing up a piece of furniture to adding zing to a dull wall, these 8 wallpaper ideas will add glamour to your home in no time!

1. Dress up an old piece of furniture

Who said wallpaper always has to go on a wall? Create a striking statement in your home by covering an ordinary wooden chair with wallpaper. This is a fantastic way to upgrade any old piece that might otherwise have ended up in the storeroom, doing nothing, but collecting dust.

2. Cover up a door

We all know that wallpaper is an excellent idea to spruce up your walls. But, have you ever thought of putting it up on the door? If not, then this might be the perfect time to try it out! Covering up a door with wallpaper is an excellent way to add shine to your decor and put up something that is truly refreshing on the eyes.

3. Revamp your kitchen backsplash

Are you planning for a kitchen upgrade? Sure, ripping out the tiles is one way to go about it. But, in case you don’t plan to spend a fortune on it, here’s an easy hack for you: Cover the backsplash with an eye-popping wallpaper and see your kitchen in a completely new light!

4. Add artsy interest

Like the idea of wallpaper, but can’t commit to covering up an entire wall? Why not infuse it a little tactfully! Here’s what you can do: Use wallpaper strips and arrange them on your wall in an artsy way – cheap, versatile, and oh-so-chic!

5. Add architectural details

Nothing makes a home more design-envy than striking architectural details like an interesting ceiling, or even a charming stained-glass window. In any case, if your home lacks architectural details, then you know whom to turn to – the wallpaper! Cover up a ceiling with some patterned wallpaper for a unique and defined look, that also offers a sense of intimacy.

6. Spruce up cabinets

An excellent way to cheer up old cabinets: Use your favorite wallpaper to glam up that old cabinet! We are sure this pop of pattern will make you smile, every time you open the cabinet.

7. Embellish an ordinary staircase

In case you have stairs that have seen better days, patching them up with wallpaper strips is an excellent way to bring back their charm! You will love the colorful update each time you use your stairs! For instance, in the above picture, the designer has used wallpaper strips to add visual interest to the underside of the staircase.

8. Give an accent to walls

Are your walls starting to look a bit blah? Spruce them up with a wallpaper of your choice. Just make sure it complements the overall decor of the room.

Happy decorating, peeps!