8 Ways To Rock That Wall Above The Sofa

Ways To Decorate That Wall Above The Sofa

Whether you have an enormous living room or a tiny one, chances are, it is anchored with a couch against a wall, leaving a large space to fill in (above the sofa). That empty space is your ideal opportunity to create a stunning visual statement in the room. So, to help you out, we’ve pulled together 8 creative ideas to help you rock that wall!

1. Put up a huge mirror

Ways To Decorate That Wall Above The Sofa

A fool-proof way to create a stunning statement on the wall above your sofa is with an oversized mirror. It will not only add instant personality to the space but also reflect light, ultimately making the room appear airy and spacious.

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2. Arrange art with a theme

Ways To Decorate That Wall Above The Sofa

If you have a huge wall to decorate, then consider grouping art pieces with a single theme. Now, narrow down your focus to find the art in sets or groups that are almost similar to look at, yet slightly different from each other. Lay them out in a grid on the wall above the sofa. A thematically curated group of artworks provides a clean look with a strong visual statement.

3. Hang a stunning fabric

Ways To Decorate That Wall Above The Sofa

Want to create a massive statement on the wall above the sofa? Then try this trick: Hang a gorgeous, enormous fabric on the wall behind the sofa, and rest assured, you will have a stunning backdrop to spruce up the entire room. For a luxurious look, opt for tapestries with woven patterns and brocade borders.

4. Display decorative plates

Ways To Decorate That Wall Above The Sofa

Remember the bone china plates you have collected over the years? It is time to put them to some good use. Bone china plates are an excellent way to spruce up the wall above your sofa.

Just opt for plates with stunning patterns and vivid colors to breathe life to the space. Create the illusion of higher a ceiling by organizing them over the couch starting at eye level and work your way upwards.

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5. Hang many small paintings

Ways To Decorate That Wall Above The Sofa

In case you have a small living room, a large painting on the wall can make the area appear cramped and overwhelming. The solution? Rethink the gallery wall with smaller paintings.

6. Spread out a folding screen

Ways To Decorate That Wall Above The Sofa

Another smart way to add interest in the living room is by spreading out a temporary folding screen behind the sofa. The screen will add a punch of visual interest to the room, creating the illusion of height.

7. Wallpaper it

Ways To Decorate That Wall Above The Sofa

If you have a huge living room, then this trick is for you: Treat the space over your couch as a canvas. And spread out a beautiful wallpaper to create a luxurious look. Although the treatment is sumptuous on its own, you don’t need to shy away from including finishing touches like sconces or sculptures for an exquisite finish.

8. Highlight with sculptural pieces

Ways To Decorate That Wall Above The Sofa

If your living room furniture sports a playful tone of color and texture, then, opt for an equally stunning and eye-catching display wall. Think of highlighting shape and structure with a display of carefully curated sculptural pieces. Think of mixing vintage finds with modern pieces to create a redefined eclectic look.

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