8 Things Indian Kitchens Can’t Do Without

Last updated on May 23rd, 2023

We are enamored by Western kitchen concepts and what they offer on the aesthetic level. And you can’t deny that these kitchens are a work of art. But in our quest for the perfect kitchen, we forget that our cultures are vastly different. This includes the lifestyle as well as cuisine. Let’s face it. Sauteing a chicken breast or a lamp chop isn’t going to cause much of a spatter. As for the dal fry tadka, it’s enough to set off the fire alarm!

Well, you get the picture. This invites a closer look at Indian kitchen requirements. Curious? Let’s look at 8 Indian kitchen must-haves.

1. A Sturdy Stain-resistant Countertop

There is a lot of stuff going on in an Indian kitchen, be it a plate of piping hot pakoras, stuffed parathas, or masala khichdi. What’s more, with aged parents and fussy kids, the stove tackles a lot more than it can handle. What it does to you is a story for another day. This makes it essential to have a sturdy countertop, such as granite or quartz, to battle not only haldi stains but temperamental bais with heavy vessels. Yes, marble looks lovely, but let’s give it a pass.

2. Low-maintenance cabinets

In the modern home, everyone and their uncle want to have a go at the stove. Be it Maggi noodles or the Sunday experiments with Chinese food, it’s all stations go. In this scenario, a veneer isn’t going to cut it. Glossy surfaces, too, are going to take a beating. Rather than tear your hair out desperately, it’s best to go for no-fuss laminates in a matte finish. Preferably dark shades.

3. Ventilation! Lots of it!

With curry and tadka aromas permeating the home, a well-ventilated kitchen is a must-have. Apart from the smoke from frying and smells that linger on, there is the matter of air-borne grease that settles on the backsplash, the cabinets, and the mugs and crockery artfully placed on open shelves. A duct chimney is your best bet for this horrific situation, as it expels the polluted air out of your kitchen.

And hey, keep those windows open. Natural air is the best solution.

4. Handy Spice Racks

We do love our spices. And our cuisine speaks for itself. A handy spice rack is an Indian kitchen essential, especially if you don’t want haldi and grease stains on the laminates as you reach for them. You can install a floating shelf for your collection near your stove, thereby cutting down on time spent in the kitchen.

5. A Large Sink

Indian cooking has many facets. While the dals, curries, and rotis are out of this world, it takes a toll on the poor kitchen sink. So, if you don’t want your maid to go into a tizzy, install a double-bowl sink to make her job easier. A definite must-have!

6. More Space for Prep Work

An island kitchen isn’t within reach of every household, as most of us make do with small kitchens. If you can squeeze in one, great. Otherwise, try folding tables or extra counter space for your prep work. This space can be valuable, especially when you entertain a lot.

7. Utensil Storage

With various exotic sauces cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you will need deep drawers for your utensils. Revolving affairs, as seen in modular kitchens, are a great option, too, especially as your dead corner space is more accessible.

8. The Paraphernalia Dilemma

Indian cuisine requires a variety of cooking tools not found in other cuisines. This can include the traditional grinding stone and mortar, a variety of tavas, and the pressure cooker. The perfect place for the tavas and your chappati gear is a pullout drawer. For your pressure cooker and pressure pan, a shelf will have to do.

Summing Up

All you will need is a few tweaks to your existing kitchen for most of these Indian kitchen essentials. For invasive solutions, we are here to help. Check out our kitchen solutions and décor ideas on homebliss.in.