9 Things You Had No Idea You Could Frame

Last updated on April 7th, 2021

Sometimes, all it takes is an ordinary item used in an unexpected way, to make a statement! So, how about thinking a bit out of the box, (or frame, if you will) and redefining the artwork that adorns your walls!
Here are a few common items that you’ve probably had lying around your home forever, waiting to get reinvented!

1. Scarves

Courtesy: pinterest

Who needs throw pillows when you have scarves? Add a pop of color to your living room by having a few of your favorite scarves framed and hanging them as artwork!

2. Maps

Courtesy: pinterest

In love with your city? Get a map printed and have it framed! Don’t know how to get an oversized one? Print it on several smaller pieces of paper and hang them together like a puzzle for a creative take on a regular gallery wall.

3. Book Jackets

Courtesy: bookishly

When was the last time you kept the book cover on the hardcover book that you were reading? Well, you may want to start doing that now. And frame all those lovely jackets and make a display out of all of your favorite reads!

4. Pebbles Or Shells

Courtesy: craftfiesta

Framing souvenirs that form beautiful memories, is a great way to reminisce those times for years to come. You can take shells or pebbles from your last beach vacation, mount them on a painted board using glue and slip it into a frame or a shadow box and turn them into a beautiful work of art.

5. Dried Flowers

Courtesy: pinterest

Dried and pressed flowers slipped inside a frame make for a beautiful and timeless arrangement of your favorite blooms, that’ll never wither or die. You can use flowers from your own garden or take out your favorite ones from a store-bought bouquet.

6. Jewelry

Courtesy: sincerelyyoursjamie.wordpress

Setting aside a frame to hang all your jewelry in, is a practical and esthetic way to keep your jewelry in one place making it easy to find. Just attach tiny hooks and a mesh to a board that’s framed, give it a couple of coats of your favorite paint and start displaying!

7. Old Baby Clothes

Courtesy: pinterest

Time to bring out those old onesies that you’ve been saving for over a decade now. Old baby clothes, don’t just have nostalgic value but can look adorable when framed.

8. Nothing

Courtesy: etsystudio

It’s not always about what you’re framing. Sometimes frames can make a statement all on their own! Try creating a gallery wall with empty frames in different shapes and colors. You’ll be amazed at the impact they leave, when grouped together this way.

9. Kids Artwork

Courtesy: artful-kids

Kids love to display their works of art, be it on their bedroom walls, or the refrigerator door. Why not give them an art gallery of their own?