March Checklist: Ace The Housekeeping Game

Last updated on May 28th, 2020

As the days get longer, and the nights get shorter, it is time to bid goodbye to the winters and welcome the hot summer days. And to welcome the summer season with, we present to you, a few tips to ace the race against time that the seemingly never-ending household chores can be!

1. Show Your Furniture Some Love

With winters retreating, it’s time to switch your worries from protecting yourself against the biting cold to making sure you and your house are up to sniff! Have your handyman mend any scratches and cracks off the furniture with a quick round of repair and renovation.

2. Make A DIY Cleaning Solution

Make a non-toxic, all-purpose DIY cleaner by mixing vinegar and water in the same proportion and keep it ready for all your cleaning sessions.

3. Deep Clean Rugs And Carpets

With the winter gone, it is time to clean up the carpets and rugs of your house. The carpets and rugs of your home would have accumulated dirt and stains from the usual wear and tear (thanks to your winter boots) throughout the winter and a deep cleaning will quickly spruce them up for the summer. To deep clean them, you can sprinkle some baking soda on the carpets, leave it on for a while and give them a good cleaning up with a vacuum cleaner.

4. Put Away Winter Gear

Time to make way for summer clothes, accessories and bed linen. Which can only be possible if you put away all the things you’ve been using throughout the cold winter season. Don’t forget to clean them up before you stow them away (In the loft or in your under-the-bed storage) for a whole year!

5. Bid Goodbye To Winter Decor

If you like to change the decor of your home as per the season, then now is the time to do it! Put away all your winter decor and replace them with breezy summer things! The heavy, dark curtains for instance, can make way for some floral ones.  You could even do up a wall in a bright summer hue!

6. Spread Some Floral Cheer

Nothing spells ‘summer freshness’ the way only flowers can! Add life and color to your home with some fresh flowers. You can just decide to keep a bunch in a vase or mix them up and arrange them into a nice centerpiece adorning your living or dining room!