8 Genius Storage Solutions For Small Homes

Last updated on November 3rd, 2021

‘If only there was more space in the house… ‘. Hold that thought, right there! With the increasing cost of housing, we’ve got to learn to live with what we have. But that in no way means that you need to compromise on your storage space requirements. How about thinking smart and increasing the available space in the house? You heard us right! Read on to know more.

1.  Free up space on your bathroom counters and hang your hand and face towels on vintage wall hooks that will add a touch of glamour to your bathroom. You could even install a glass shelf to keep your bathroom essentials on and free up the countertop space.

2. Stow away all your makeup essentials behind a tall mirror-cum-dresser (you can get many varieties of those online). There’s some storage created right there!

3.  A honeycomb shelf is an excellent way to flaunt books and curios, and occupies zero space on your floor! Who needs a huge bookshelf?

4. Get a multifunctional sofa for your living room –

that can double up as a bed when guests arrive!

5. This is a great space saver. It frees up tons of space in your bathroom, which is the tiniest space in our home, to begin with. Build a cabinet above your toilet to store all the miscellanea of the bathroom, and voila! You’ll be wondering how to fill up all that extra space you’ve found all of a sudden!

6. Use ottomans with built-in storage. Great to sit on, and good to hide away things inside!

7.  Free up precious floor space by investing in floating shelves and getting rid of side tables and consoles hogging your floor space! We said no compromising, remember?

8. Keep your daily makeup essentials handy with a wall-mounted organizer like this one, installed near your mirror.