Kidroom clean tricks

9 Tricks to Get Kids To Clean Their Room

Last updated on October 7th, 2021

Does the very sight of your kids’ room make your head spin? Well, you’re not alone!

Here are a few easy things you can do, to motivate them into not just cleaning their rooms but also keeping them clean!

1. Work With Them, Initially

Kidroom clean tricks

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At the start, you may have to roll-up your sleeves and work alongside your kids to teach them how it’s done. Just put on some music and breeze through it, while showing them the ropes. Or use the time to have a good conversation with them, as you clear away the mess together.

2. Make A Place For Everything

Kidroom clean tricks

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Give everything in your child’s room a home and assign bins and boxes for everything. Work with your kid(s) in deciding what goes where and in labeling the boxes.

3. Let Them Feel Proud Of Their Space

Kidroom clean tricks

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Let your kid(s) take a few decisions about how their space looks and how things are arranged in their room. It might just mean rearranging the furniture, painting a shelf or a wall in their favorite color or buying them accessories with their favorite character on them. This seemingly small step will give them a sense of control and ownership over their space and they are more likely to make efforts to keep it looking good.

4. Give Them A Checklist

Kidroom clean tricks

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Just telling them to ‘clean the room’ might not do the trick. Give your kids clear directions so that they understand what they need to do to get the room clean. Better yet, give them step-by-step written instructions to complete chores that they can check off a list.

5. Keep Their Ages In Mind

Kidroom clean tricks

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Keep your kids’ ages in mind when you assign them tasks. You can get even toddlers involved by showing them how to dust their room, for instance. The key is patience and assigning them tasks that you think they are capable of completing.

6. Give Them Baskets

Kidroom clean tricks

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Make baskets your best friend! They can make for the cheapest and most efficient toy storage solutions!
Just hand them a bunch of baskets, so that they can put their toys away, without having to worry about where every little toy needs to be kept.

7. Make It Fun

Kidroom clean tricks

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Cleaning isn’t fun. But you can definitely make it so, by turning it into a game. Make the chores time-bound and see if they can finish them in the time assigned and ask them to ring a bell when they’re done. You will find them challenging themselves and actually enjoying the otherwise not-so-pleasant task of cleaning their room.

8. Offer Incentives

Kidroom clean tricks

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Offer your kids an incentive to clean their room. It doesn’t have to be money or candy, but something far better, like a family movie night, if they finish up their chores in time. The thought of some fun, family time together will give them something to look forward to, and as a bonus, the family gets to spend some quality time together!

9. Be An Example

Kidroom clean tricks

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Kids don’t just watch what their parents say. They are far more sensitive and absorb what we they through the pores of their skin. If your kids see you as someone who keeps a tidy house, does things on time and likes to be organized, they’ll see it as normal behavior that is expected of them. So, lead by example.