9 Ways To Master Above-The-Bed Décor

Decorating the space above the bed isn’t very straight-forward. A little off balance and it can end up looking too much or too little, either extreme leaving the décor either too bland or too much for the eyes to handle. However, there are many creative ways to go about decorating this space. Let’s explore 9 of them here.

1. Use Oversized Mirrors

Courtesy: trendir

Placing an oversized mirror behind the bed doesn’t just expand the room and make it appear brighter, but also creates a stunning focal point in the room, making sure it doesn’t take away all the focus away from the bed.

2. Install a Shelf

Courtesy: produksigentengmetal

Hang a floating shelf above your bed and decorate it with accent pieces that you’ve always loved. The shelf, with its collection of your favorite pieces, can do wonders to the décor of the room.

3. Use An Intricately Patterned Rug

Courtesy: mertonsimpson

An intricate rug hung right over the bed can help fill the large space behind it beautifully and makes for an interesting wall décor idea.

4. Make A Statement With Word Art

Courtesy: evolutionphotoart

Let the wall behind your bed do some talking, by displaying your favorite word art off it.

5. Invest in a Stylish Lamp

Courtesy: home-designing

An interesting way to break the monotony of the blank wall behind your bed is to get a statement wall lamp that can add drama to the space without even needing to fill up the space completely. Just make sure you get one that blends with the décor of the room.

6. Cover The Wall With A Vibrant Wallpaper

Courtesy: thehomedesigner.co

Cover the wall behind your bed with a vibrant wallpaper and watch the space come alive effortlessly!

7. Create A Gallery Wall

Courtesy: studio-mcgee

Create a gallery wall of your favorite items right above your bed, ensuring that they are secured well on the wall and don’t fall off the wall onto the bed below (with you in it!)

8. Place a Folding Screen

Courtesy: littlepieceofme

Place a folding screen or a folding room divider behind the bed as a quick and effective way to elegantly fill the empty wall behind the bed, adding depth and lending character to the space.

9. Add A Shelf of Plants

Courtesy: pinterest

If you’re more of a nature person and artwork, rugs and knick-knacks on shelves don’t interest you much, then you may want to create a shelf full of plants over the bed. Just install a floating shelf and fill it up with potted plants. It won’t just add life to the space but will also purify the air around you. Just don’t forget to water them!