2018 Lighting Trends

6 Lighting Trends Worth Copying

Last updated on January 5th, 2022

Keeping up with the current trends is very important in the décor world. And an easy and affordable way to do that is by upgrading the light fixtures dotting your space. Here’s a quick take on the 6 most popular lighting trends. See if you find any of them worth spending your precious time and money on!

1. Big Light Fixtures

2018 Lighting Trends Big Light Fixtures

Courtesy: 360armenia

We are witnessing a growing love for big light fixtures that catch the eye instantly, working as centerpieces, rather than being just lighting solutions. You can see many households using these big and ornate light fixtures in a central area and balancing them with smaller fixtures spread around the room to create the right ambiance. Best places for them happen to be right over the kitchen island that also doubles up as a breakfast counter, or over the dining table. They also work well in foyers, making a statement, right near the entrance.

2. Fandeliers

2018 Lighting Trends Fandeliers

Courtesy: architectshouseexchange

A fandelier, as the name suggests, is a ceiling fan and chandelier combination and a red-hot trend everyone is witnessing. This dual-function light fixture doesn’t just provide a focal point in a setting by adding to the décor of the space, but also helps you cool off during the hot summer months by keeping the air in a room moving.

3. Two-Tone Designs

2018 Lighting Trends Two-Tone Designs

Courtesy: notonthehighstreet

Mixing differently-hued metals is a big trend this year, not just in kitchen and bath fittings, but also in the lighting department. Whether it’s brass mixed with nickel or bronze teaming up with antique gold, you will find a lot of two-tone chandeliers, table lamps, and sconces adorning settings with not just traditional, but contemporary and mid-century décor styles as well.

4. Matte Gold Fixtures

2018 Lighting Trends Matte Gold Fixtures

Courtesy: urbanara.co.uk

Soft colors seem to have caught the eye of interior designers and homeowners across the globe, with light fixtures in soft-gold, (a color that softens the warmth of gold with a matte finish), making a frequent appearance in the design scene. The subtleness of this color makes it suitable for most kinds of décor ranging right from modern or contemporary to rustic and farmhouse styles.

5. Modern Industrial Style Lighting

2018 Lighting Trends Modern Industrial Style Lighting

Courtesy: mstarlight

While industrial style is all about rustic and unfinished metallic finishes, the modern industrial style currently in trend chooses to blend the traditionally industrial look with designs that have sleeker lines and metals in richer tones, making these light fixtures, almost a form of art. Homeowners who are wary of using raw, industrial fixtures, are finding themselves quite drawn to these updated industrial fixtures, which blend in perfectly well with contemporary décor and are using them as statement fixtures and centerpieces in their living, dining, and kitchen areas.

6. Vintage Bulbs

2018 Lighting Trends Vintage Bulbs

Courtesy: torchstar.us

Old-style bulbs are setting quite a trend with more and more people choosing them for their nostalgic value, especially for their living areas and kitchens. What’s more, these days you even get these Old-style bulbs in modern LED lighting, making them a perfect fit, with their longer life and less power consumption, at just a slightly elevated cost.

The perfect way to make this popular retro-style look work for you is to get a chandelier made with these light bulbs for the living or dining area, or have a row of them connected and hung right above your kitchen island. The look to aim for is something right between the extreme industrial style and the modern, contemporary style.

Wishing you truly LIT homes!