Smart. Functional. Stylish— 6 Genius Pegboard Storage Ideas For Your Home

Last updated on June 25th, 2022

Pegboards are magical! They are widely used as a tool to organize and store things. Initially only used in stores and offices, pegboard is now finding its place in home organizing as well.

This versatile organizing product’s usability goes beyond a mere office bulletin board. From keeping your kitchen items in place, creating a quick homework station, to forming a part of a vertical garden, and an easily movable gallery wall – it is safe to say that pegboard is the workhorse of organizing. So, if you are looking for some genius organizing ideas, look no further than pegboards! Check out the 6 mind blowing ways to use pegboards around the house.

1. Organize Kitchen Items

Pegboard Storage Ideas for Kitchen

Large and oddly shaped kitchen items like saucepans and spatulas are a pain to store. Put them in a drawer, and they will turn into a wreck, in no time. Instead, install a pegboard in the kitchen area to keep all these oddly shaped kitchen items. This will not only keep your kitchen organized but also make things easier to find.

2. Create a Home Workstation

Home Office with pegboard storage

Kids need a workspace to do their homework, crafts, and other activities. Create a cute and functional home workstation for your little one with the magical pegboard. All you need for this project is a pegboard, a study table and a chair. Use the board to hang up school supplies like folders, a DIY to-do list, and more. Additionally, you can also add posters and illustration on the pegboard to make it more interesting.

3. Use it to Hang Planters

Pegboard Storage Ideas for Blacony and Garden

So what if you’ve got a small balcony with absolutely no space, you can always upgrade your gardening skills with pegboard. Create a quick-fix vertical garden with just pegboard! Simply buy some hanging planters and spruce up your balcony with vibrant floral hues.

4. Create a Movable Gallery Wall

Pegboard Movable Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great way to create a focal point in a room. However, since we hang them on the wall, it is hard to rearrange them. Instead, make your gallery wall versatile with a pegboard. Hanging artwork on the pegboard ensures quick and easy edit of the gallery wall. This way, you will be able to make changes in your gallery wall at ease, without worrying about damaging the wall.

5. Use it as a Headboard/Nightstand

Pegboard Storage Ideas for bedroom headboard

Falling short of space in the bedroom? A pegboard might just be the solution you are looking for! Though it seems a little bizzare, but using pegboard as an alternative to a headboard-cum-nightstand will sort many of your storage and organizing issues. In the above picture, the designer has installed a pegboard above the bed that acts both as a headboard and a nightstand. This way, you will be able to store all your night-time essentials within your hand’s reach.

6. Add Storage to your Cabinets

Add Storage with pegboard

A little additional storage space can go a long way. So, if your cabinets are amidst a storage storm, then pegboard is the solution for you. Simply, hang a pegboard on the inside of the cabinet doors and you are good to go!

It’s time to decorate smartly folks!