5 Rules To Choose The Perfect Accent Chair For Your Home

Last updated on April 1st, 2022

An Accent chair is not merely a chair whose sole purpose is to provide an additional seating option. When placed alone, an accent chair creates a stunning statement with its style, texture, and color; and when a few of them are grouped together, they can anchor a space. However, with hundreds of shapes, styles, and colors available, it might become a little tricky to understand which type of accent chair you should get.

So, to help you out, we’ve come up with 5 fundamental rules to choose the perfect accent chair for your home. Check them out!

1. Put Comfort First!

When choosing a wing chair, it is very easy to fall in love with its lush color and intricate charm. However, before you take the plunge, ensure you sit on it and check for comfort. Let’s face it, if the chair isn’t comfortable, you are not going to use it and neither will your guests be comfortable sitting on it. Remember, the chair is meant for sitting, not lying idle in a corner. Hence, while making the decision, ask yourself if this is the chair you would love to curl up in or enjoy a relaxed evening with your friends on, to ensure you get the best piece for your home.

2. Check for Sturdiness

It is important to ensure that the chair you decide to buy is sturdy. While buying a vintage accent chair, things like a broken button or a scratch in the upholstery can be fixed easily. However, a broken leg cannot be repaired that easily. So, if you fall in love with a vintage piece that wobbles, or has any part broken, it is better to part ways.

3. Make Sure It Fits The Décor

It is one thing to make a statement with an accent chair, but it’s another to create a look that breaks down your existing decor. So, in case you are looking for a mixed style, be careful while choosing the accent chair. It is good to experiment with the decor, however, don’t forget that the accent chair should complement the existing decor of the room, not overpower it.

4. Don’t Break the Bank

You don’t need to have a huge budget in mind to buy an accent chair that you love. There are a lot of moderately priced accent chairs available both offline and online. Simply, take your pick. Always remember, you own the chair, the chair doesn’t have to own you!

5. Choose the Right Size

How many times have you bought a furniture piece and pulled it through the door just to realize that you got the wrong size? Map out the place where the accent chair will get placed and measure the area not once, but twice, so that you get the perfect fit and size.

Happy decorating, everyone!