Living In A Rented Home? Here Are Some Décor Tricks Just For You!


Living in a rented place comes with its own constraints. Some landlords don’t like too many holes drilled into the walls and some don’t believe in providing basics like curtain rods!
Don’t let a rented place cramp your style. Here are 13 tried and tested ways of beautifying your rented place despite all the constraints! Read on to know more.

1. Improvise Your Storage Options

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If you live in a place that isn’t great as far as storage options go, and you can’t obviously install cabinets for storage, (as you don’t own the place), use your creativity and repurpose boxes and crates for bookshelves and open storage options.

2. Can’t Paint Your Walls? No Problem!

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In a rented home, you may not have the liberty to paint the walls to your taste. But what you definitely can do is to make up for the lack of color in your furniture pieces!
You can decide to paint the entire piece or choose to give your furniture colorful accents.

3. Plenty of Accessories

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Personalize your space with plenty of accessories. These could be plenty of patterned and colorful throw pillows, statement throw rugs and other home décor accessories that spell ‘you’.

4. Invest In Unconventional furniture


Make your décor a bit eclectic and invest in a couple of quirky furniture pieces, that make a subtle statement.

5. Buy A Few Nice Rugs


Rugs can add life to a dull setting instantly. And you can carry them with you if you have to move. Having rugs will also reduce the noise levels in your home, especially if you have wooden flooring.

6. Spruce Up Those Shelves

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Breathe life into your boring shelves by lining their insides with printed fabric or a stick-and-peel wallpaper.

7. Invest In Good Lighting (That You Can Carry)

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Invest in floor and table lamps (that can move wherever you do) to set the tone and make a huge impact on your interiors. Unfortunately, this is one aspect of décor that many renters tend to overlook. Don’t make that rookie mistake and light up your home with plenty of quirky lamps and lights.

8. Display Your Artwork In Style

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If you aren’t allowed to drill too many holes in the walls, don’t lose heart. There are a number of other ways to display your artwork in style! You can use clothespins and put up a display of photographs of other artwork.
Another option is to lean the big pieces right against your wall. And if you don’t like them directly on the floor, you can prop it onto a stand.

9. Buy Rolling Or Movable Furniture

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Buy mobile furniture that will allow for versatility, not just making it easy for you to move it around, but it can also serve multiple purposes.

10. Make the Most of Plants

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Even if you don’t have a big balcony or yard, it’s still worthwhile spending on plants to add to the beauty of your interiors. If you don’t really have a green thumb, you don’t have to make a huge commitment. Just a couple of strategically placed pots would do the trick!

11. Re-purpose Ladders For Shelves And Racks

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Use ladders for shelves or racks for an out-of-the-ordinary look.

12. Install Curtains

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You can easily install curtains on your bare windows with just a tension rod and some nice, cheerful fabric.

13. Get Creative With The Headboard

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You can spruce up your bedroom by creating a quirky-but-cute headboard. Two inexpensive ways could be to use washi tape or fairy lights.