Designers Regret Following These Decor Trends

Last updated on May 2nd, 2023

A few years down the line, many hot design trends become eyesores. It’s not only homeowners who rue the day they adopted these design trends for their homes, interior designers also have regretted implementing them in their work. Yes, they take wrong decisions too!

So, what are these trends that professional designers had second thoughts about after applying them in their interior designing? Let’s check out some of the decor styles that designers feel they could have avoided. Maybe you can give your design picks a rethink after going through this write-up.

1. A Coastal Vibe

It’s so easy to get carried away with the sand and surf theme. Whether it is bamboo accessories, rush mats, the blue and beige color palette, or the shell accessories, this over-the-top look is outdated and unimaginative.

What designers say:

  • Use these elements sparingly in your design

  • Layering from different styles and periods enriches the look of your home

  • Less is always more

2. Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are not something that you can change easily; apart from the exorbitant cost, ripping out your flooring can be a stressful affair. Subdued colors are lasting and a better choice, which easily goes with most furniture and walls.

What designers say:

You can introduce color and pattern in your design in other ways. It can be your accent wall, your rug, or the artwork and throw cushions. These elements can be changed when you get tired of them, unlike your flooring.

3. A White Rug

White wall-to-wall rugs are gorgeously decadent and the epitome of luxury. However, no matter what we tell ourselves, these rugs are high-maintenance and will stain sooner than later.

What designers say:

  • If your heart is set on a white rug, go for wooden flooring as your base. Build on it with white area rugs that can be sent for dry cleaning

  • Try to go for stain-resistant properties when you hunt for your rug

  • If you have pets or kids, give white rugs a miss

4. Hanging Chairs

There is no denying that hanging chairs fit beautifully in any décor and won’t go out of style any time soon. So, what’s the hang-up?

What designers say:

These chairs undoubtedly add charm; however, they are rarely used and hinder movement. So, it’s better to look for functional pieces rather than stylish ones.

5. Going Overboard with Bold Patterns

Patterns make your design journey that much more exciting. But when you use them on your upholstery, the accent wall, or your rug, things can get a bit too dramatic. This is especially true for bedroom designs that have patterns on the walls, the headboard, and bedcovers too. Sleepless nights, here we come!

What designers say:

Patterns have a lot of movement and energy, something you want to avoid in a relaxing space. Try to restrict yourself and use them in moderation.

6. The Saturated Farmhouse Themes

Farmhouse designs are a big draw for their rustic and homely appeal. But how much is too much? And where do you draw the line?

What designers say:

Some elements such as hewn rafters and old-world cabinetry are charming. But control your urge to add word mugs, fancy milk and cookie jars, and other paraphernalia from flea markets. The trick is to add a touch of farmhouse vibe to your décor.

7. Inspirational Quote Decals

Message decals can be annoying after the initial euphoria has died down. When you are in a sour mood you not only want to pull your hair out but also the smug ‘don’t worry, be happy,’ decal on your kitchen wall.

What designers say:

These fun elements are best left alone. However, they can be motivational for your growing kids, so you let them pick the ones they like for their room.

8. The Barn Door Frenzy

While they look good in photos, these mammoth contraptions take some handling. The weight is a big problem. These doors seem to have a mind of their own and often slide away, sometimes chipping the paint off the walls!

What designers say:

Aesthetics are fine, but functionality is important too. If you are going to curse every time you need to slide the barn door, it’s best to give this idea a miss.

Summing Up

Design trends come and go. While some designs are lasting, others, not so much. Hopefully, these nuggets of information will throw some light on design trend dos and don’ts. if you are starting from scratch, a professional touch can help you. Log in to for advice on trends and home décor.