Planning On Using Wall Stickers? Keep These 4 Things In Mind!

Last updated on December 28th, 2022

Wall makeovers can be a tricky proposition. Apart from the cost of repainting, the clutter of paint cans and ladders, not to mention dirty footprints trailing in and out of the house, can be challenging at best.

And yet, the boring walls stare us in the face. You want to scratch the itch but don’t know how. Well, all is not lost. You can add a bit of drama to your accent wall without fuss in minutes. What’s more, you don’t have to break the bank to do it! Yes, we are talking about the magnificence of decals. Before we go into the nitty-gritty of decal application, let’s find out more about decals.

What are Decals?


Decals, vinyl stickers for wall decoration, are an inexpensive way to spruce up your décor. They are DIY projects and don’t need a professional touch. However, a bit of patience is needed to get a good finish. There are umpteen designs to choose from and hunting for the right decal for your home is as exciting as the result.

So, what are the things you need to keep in mind when using a decal? Let’s take a look.

Pick the Location and Size

A little birdie decal will be lost on your accent wall. So, it’s best to check the wall measurements and the decal size before purchasing. For smaller areas, such as the study table or the passage, we suggest small decals.

However, moderation is the key. An overload of different decals in your room can spell disaster. Let a single decal make a statement.

What Mood are You Looking for?

For wall decor, there are umpteen decal designs to choose from. Picking a theme is a way to bring cohesion to the décor. Check out your room and what mood it portrays. For a funky décor, message stickers are a lot of fun. We suggest foliage or trees to complete the look for a summery feel. For some drama, go for the world map in subdued colors to match a neutral décor.

How to Use Your Decal

There is more than one way to skin this cat. While you can go the traditional way and paste a decal in the center, we suggest you try these innovative ways to grab eyeballs.

1. Let the decal pattern form a skirting around the room. This works on the cornice too.

2. Try a bold, dramatic decal to cover the entire wall. For a classy touch, try metallic finishes.

3. A dado rail can get classy with a decorative decal border.

Use small decals and pepper the walls with the motif for a quaint look.

How to Apply Decals in Your Home

Patience is a virtue when it comes to decal application. If you don’t want a mess on your hands, we suggest you check out the tips on decal application before you begin:

  • Mark the place where you want to start, making sure the line is parallel to the ceiling.

  • In case you aim to pepper the walls with motifs, mark the spots before starting.

  • Clean and dry the walls before application, as dust will not allow the adhesive to stick.

  • For large decals, cut them into manageable pieces with a sharp scissor or cutter. Arrange them in proper order before you start the application.

  • To remove the top backing layer, lightly dampen the paper and peel it off slowly. Use a sideways motion when you remove the paper.

For better impact, use complimentary colors on your throw cushions and rugs and bring the look together.

Final Thoughts 

Redecorating your walls isn’t always possible. But sometimes you feel the urge for something new. Decals are a cheap and easy way to transform your room decor. However, if you are looking for radical changes for your walls, you will get interesting ideas from So log in and be surprised!