The Secret Of Decorating With Large Wall Art

Last updated on March 30th, 2022

Okay, we admit that our love for gallery walls has started to dwindle. And lately, we’ve been finding ourselves falling head over heels for rooms with single pieces of large wall art, and for all the right reasons – they help anchor the room, act as a statement piece, unifying the entire room.

And the bonus point is that unlike gallery walls you don’t need to break a sweat on collecting matching frames. Here’s a guide on how to make large wall art work in your decor.

1. Look for a large wall

Large wall art demands large walls. So, your first step to making a large piece of art work in a room is to find a big wall that can support the art. It may mean taking down the existing art or rearranging the furniture.

Paint the wall that you intend to hang the piece in a shade that highlights the art. Always remember, the more the wall space, the better. However, remember not to use the wall that has a massive window next to it, as it may steal the limelight from the art. You can even think of leaning it against the wall – the look you are aiming for is low-key with maximum impact.

2. Arrange the room around the art

Once you decide to hang a large piece of wall art, you need to understand that it will act as the focal point of the room. Hence, the furniture should be arranged in a way so that the art acts as the statement piece of the room. For instance, in a living room, arrange the seating in a u-shape around the art. You can also think of pointing the sofa towards the art or arranging the chairs to face the art. In case of a bedroom, place the art over the bed.

3. Break a large art into pieces

Large wall art doesn’t always need to be one painting in a single frame. In fact, you can opt for a large split panel art (one piece spread across a few different canvases) to provide a whole new dimension to the room. This looks especially good in an exceptionally large wall. This kind of artwork not only adds visual interest to the space but also allows the color of the wall to peek through, providing the room with a cohesive look.

4. Look for a piece that you love

Find a work of art that draws you in. The photograph above is a great example. The shot of the rope bridge extending into the distance allows the eye to follow and see what the bridge is leading to. You may likewise attempt geometric artwork, nature close-ups, or any art that you can’t resist the urge to keep gazing at.

Happy decorating, folks!