Choose The Right Art For Your Home

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

Choosing a piece of art for your home to complement your interiors can pose a big challenge. And the wide variety of options available today, don’t make things any easier.
If you are planning to pick artwork for your home, here are a few important things you might want to keep in mind.

1. Don’t Get Hung Up On Color

Courtesy: thelimeybrit

When trying to choose art, try not to get fixated on matching the colors of the artwork with the other colors in the room that the painting is meant for. Although it should play a role in your decision, it shouldn’t be the only consideration.
In fact, at times your painting might be in total contrast to the colors in the room around it and still complement the space.

2. Go By Your Gut

Courtesy: ancastefanescu

Art is a very personal choice and once you invest in one, you are going to see it in your home every day. So, it’s important that you love it. After all, the painting doesn’t just add to the beauty of a setting, it gives a totally different dimension to a space. And other than being a conversation starter, you’ll also want for it to make the right impression on people who see it.
Sometimes people make the mistake of buying an original, even when they don’t like it much. And the huge investment starts to seem wasteful after a while when they see something every day that they don’t absolutely love.

3. Know The Right Size

Courtesy: ivanguaderrama

Size plays a crucial role when it comes to artwork. It isn’t a great idea to hang a beautiful but tiny piece of artwork on a huge wall, just as it wouldn’t really be appropriate to put up a huge work of art on a relatively smaller wall. It’s a better bet to stick to the ‘standard’ size, which is neither too big nor too small.

4. Buy Old With The New


You can choose to display art from two different eras and use contrast to create excitement and interest.
You can also do something unexpected like hanging a piece of modern art in a traditional setting or adding a classic piece to a contemporary space and creating eye-catching focal points in both settings.

5. Try Black And White

Courtesy: pinterest

A work of art in black and white makes a whole different statement while being simple and can work in just about any setting.

6. Explore Photography

Courtesy: modernartetc

If you’re looking for art, paintings aren’t your only option. Photography is also a great medium that makes a statement and can convey meaning and depth while being a great décor element.

7. Shop Around

Courtesy: ebay

It’s a good idea to shop around before deciding on a piece of art that you want to take home. There are plenty of options both online and outside to choose from. For affordable prints, you can even use social media. There are many talented artists on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, that you can reach out to before arriving at a decision.

8. With Statement Pieces, Keep Other Things Simple

Courtesy: pinterest

Last but not the least, if the art that you’ve chosen borders on being a statement piece, garnering a lot of attention, then you will need to ensure that the space around it doesn’t compete with it for eyeballs.

Happy decorating, folks!