Bogus Internet Hacks: 6 Laundry Hacks That Actually Don’t Work

Last updated on September 30th, 2021

There’s a hack available on the internet for every life problem. From saving relationships to cleaning carpets. You name it, and it’s there. But how many of these actually work?

Here’s a list of a few that definitely don’t!

1.  Using Lemon Juice To Boost Detergent Powders

Acids do help in breaking up stains and other deposits that are left on garments. But considering that an average sized lemon has just about 1 tablespoon of juice in it, the power we attribute to it in a washing machine’s cycle is purely a figment of our imagination!

2. Using Salt to Brighten Fabric Colors

This myth exists because table salt can sometimes be used on fabrics that can’t be washed, to expel soil and dirt. However, don’t try adding salt to your wash cycle, unless you don’t mind damaging your machine!

3. Using Aspirin To Whiten Clothes

There is no solid science behind this popular hack! Acetylsalicylic acid, the chemical present in aspirin breaks down when exposed to dampness to become salicylic acid. And, salicylic acid cannot whiten clothes in any way! Put that aspirin back in your medicine cabinet!

4. Using Coffee To Prevent Fading of Dark Clothes

Coffee is an effective dye. But definitely not when diluted so much in a washing machine’s wash and rinse cycle.  Just enjoy it in your Cuppa and leave the dyeing to your dyers!

5. Using Hair Conditioner To Unshrink Clothes

When clothes shrink, their fibers get tangled with each other. Kind of like how hair does. And the science behind detangling hair is that hair conditioner coats the hair shaft with a compound that lessens tangles. And you could try to do the same thing to woolen clothes (since they’re made from sheep hair). But forget being able to do that with your favorite pair of jeans or your brand-new t-shirt that’s 2 sizes too small all of a sudden.

6.  Using Vinegar to Disinfect Clothes

Distilled vinegar can be a wonder cleaning agent! However, it does nothing to sanitize garments and keep bacteria from growing. So, don’t waste this precious cleaner in trying to disinfect your clothes.