Tips To Design Your Child’s Bedroom

Last updated on December 21st, 2021

Do you feel the need to spruce up your kids’ bedroom? Or are the kids begging for a makeover of their space?
Kids need a place to call their own just like we do. Let’s look at some tips and tricks to turn your kids’ bedrooms into fun retreats that they would love to hang out in.

Wall decals and peel-and-stick murals are a perfect way to spruce up your child’s bedroom without investing a huge sum on painting or if you’re renting and can’t paint. Choose decals in consultation with your kids and make sure that they are a part of a common theme that runs throughout the room.

Decals aren’t just a fun and inexpensive way of transforming a plain and dull space into something creative and fun, they are also removable and can be changed as your child grows.


Divide the room into separate work and play areas. The separation doesn’t need anything elaborate.

Just a simple desk, an adjustable chair for times when they would want to study, and a bean bag or loveseat for times when they probably just want to curl up with a book or do nothing and just daydream.

Provide plenty of open shelves with bins or baskets to keep the room tidy and to make sure the toys and games are contained and not strewn about all over the room.

You can keep separate bins for different kinds of toys and teach your child what goes where so that the next time he’s able to tidy his room without your help.

Push the bed against the wall to open up the floor space for play.

This doesn’t just make the room appear spacious, but can also keep your child safe when he’s asleep if he moves around a lot in his sleep.

Use a bunk bed if the room is going to be shared between kids. It doesn’t just save space; your kids will love the idea. Although you may find them squabbling over who sleeps on the top bunk. All you would need to do is establish safety rules and have them agree on a schedule that decides whose turn it is to sleep on the top bunk.

Enjoy the time that you spend decorating and planning your kids’ bedroom décor and don’t forget to make them feel involved in the decision-making!