Budget Decorating With Everyday Things

Last updated on August 26th, 2022

Resist the urge to spend tons of money on expensive accessories to beautify your home. Just look around your home and see if you can pull something out of storage and put it to some creative use in your décor giving texture, visual interest, and a totally different dimension to your home without it costing you a fortune.

 Here are a few ideas you can get started with!

1. Your Crockery

If your kitchen has open shelves, there’s nothing like a display of colorful dishware, to add a splash of color to it. Who needs other décor elements when your sparsely used dishes, mugs, and bowls can add an instant accent to your neutral kitchen!

2. Unused Wine Glasses

For those times when your wine glasses lie unused, simply flip them over and use them as votive candle holders. Just place things like dried flowers or colorful Christmas ornaments inside the glass for a truly unique look.

3. Vintage Things

Vintage things like an old clock, camera, or a typewriter can make for a wonderful display when mixed with new items. If you don’t think you own anything like that, you might want to ask your parents or grandparents if they can let you in on their vintage treasures.

4. Books

It might be time to bring out those books that you’ve safely tucked away in your bookshelf! Books aren’t meant just for reading but can make great décor elements in your home. You can create small stacks of interesting-looking books and place them on shelves and console tables. Or group them together and place them on the coffee table. They don’t just add texture and dimension to your interiors but can also become unique bases to give other items more height.

5. Spare Food Trays

Put your spare food trays to good use by placing a few toiletries and a succulent or two and using them on the bathroom counter or by placing a few books and pretty accessories on them and dressing up your coffee table with the arrangement.

6. Baskets

Baskets are beautiful things. Don’t you think? They don’t just provide storage but can be so pretty to look at! And they come in so many shapes, sizes, and styles that you’ll almost always find them working well with any kind of décor and storage need. Need to fill an empty corner? Use a large, beautiful basket! Magazines creating a mess in your living room? Organize them in a basket and replace the mess with instant charm. Baskets can also be great for grouping things together on a coffee table, or to stow away things under a console table or bench.

7. Dried Flowers

Whether you use flowers from a store-bought bouquet or ones clipped from your own garden, it’s always a good idea to preserve your flowers, as even after they’ve dried, they can come in really handy as home décor elements. You can create arrangements of dried flowers and use medium-sized mason jars as vases to display them out of or simply sprinkle some dried flower heads with other décor elements to give an organic look to your interiors.

Happy decorating folks!