To Decorate Or Not To Decorate – The Space Above Your Bed

Last updated on May 23rd, 2022

In a bedroom, more often than not, the bed forms the focal point in the space. And the next thing that your eyes tend to land on, is the wall right above it. And both the extremes of leaving this wall too blank or crowding it with too many things can leave the décor of the entire space looking less than perfect.
Here are a few tips on deciding whether to decorate that space or to leave it alone.

When To Decorate The Space


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When You Want To Draw Focus Away From The Bed

If your bed isn’t anything to write home about, and you want to draw attention away from it, it’s a great idea to decorate the space above it, that can lend a nice focal point to the room.


When You Have A Low Headboard

A low headboard and a high ceiling, can leave quite a bit of blank space above your bed, making it important to decorate the space so that it doesn’t end up looking empty.


When You Don’t Want The Windows Stealing The Show

It is important to decorate the space above the bed when there are windows on both sides of the bed threatening to take attention away from the bed. Decorating the space above the bed will ensure the bed and the wall above it create enough drama to draw the eyes away from the windows.

When Not To Decorate The Space



When You Have A Very Tall Headboard

It’s best to leave the space above the bed blank, if you have a particularly tall headboard that doesn’t leave much space between the bed and the ceiling to decorate.

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When You Have A Statement Bed

When you have a bed that makes a statement on its own, you wouldn’t want anything to take focus away from it.


When There’s No Place To Secure Anything

Sometimes the bed might not be placed against a surface that lets you hang anything off it, a window for instance. Or there might be a chance that the things that you decide to decorate the wall with, are not able to be held in place strongly enough. In both cases, it is best to ditch the idea of decorating the space above the bed.

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When Your Nightstands Are Done Up Well

It’s important to ensure that the décor on the nightstands on either side of the bed, doesn’t begin to compete for attention with the décor above the bed. If the décor on the nightstands forms the right balance in the space, then it is best to leave the wall above the bed alone.

Happy decorating, peeps!