7 Ways To Embrace Feng Shui Décor In Your Home

Last updated on April 1st, 2022

Decorating your home the Feng Shui way is to enrich your home to bring in happiness and harmony. It shouldn’t be confused with creating Zen-like interiors. Here are 7 ways to make sure yours abound in positive energy!

1. Keep furniture out of high-traffic areas

To ensure a good flow of energy in your home, make sure that all furniture is arranged in a way that it doesn’t restrict the flow of traffic in a room and ensures enough breathing space in every room.

2. Install a beautiful piece high up

Installing an artwork or a unique chandelier near the ceiling will draw the eye upwards – which is a mood-elevating trick and encourages positive vibes in a space. You could even paint your ceiling in a nice color to draw attention to it.

3. Get rid of clutter

Clutter invites negative energy into a house. Make sure yours is clutter-free at all times.

4. Push the couch against the wall

Always place the sofa in front of a solid wall. And make sure one gets a clear view of the entryway from the sofa. However, don’t push it entirely against the wall and keep a little bit of space in between the wall and the sofa to ensure a good energy flow throughout the room.

5. Ensure rounded edges in tables

Invest in tables with rounded edges for a smooth flow of energy. Take special care when choosing a coffee table.

6. Illuminate dark Corners

Nobody likes a dark corner, and Feng Shui stresses that all spaces should have appropriate lighting. This is because light brings forth positive energy and sets it into motion, and darkness stagnates it.

7. Leave space on both sides of the bed

Always leave space on both sides of the bed to ensure a good flow of energy in the room. This applies to both double and single beds.

Wishing you a Feng Shui-correct home!