Aries? Don’t Decorate Your Home Before You Read This!

Last updated on September 23rd, 2021

Decorating can be as taxing as it is fun! And while we all have our decorating styles and preferences in décor, our Zodiac signs also play an important role in how we decorate our homes!

If you were born with the fiery spirit of the Aries sign, read this before you start decorating your home. Show the world who you are through your décor!

1. Invest in décor elements you can swap out

Your restless Sun sign makes you tire of things quickly. It might be a good idea then, to incorporate elements in your décor that can be changed easily. Need ideas? How about wallpapers that can be removed easily or decorative rugs you can change often, or even wall art that can be rearranged or changed? Make these small changes and the feel of your entire space is changed. Can it get any better?

2. Embrace your color

Your color is red – a color that stands for power and energy. Make use of it in your décor to bring out those elements of your personality! Don’t go overboard with it though, it’s a color that needs to be used with caution, lest things get too fiery!

3. Take some risks

You are one of the boldest signs. And your home needs to reflect who you are. So, as the rest of the world plays it safe with paint colors and décor elements, go right ahead and take those risks. Be true to your sign and do what others would hesitate doing!

4. There’s no harm in showing off a bit

While you may not be constantly boasting about your achievements, but you don’t exactly like to shy away from praise either. You like for others to notice what you’ve done. Don’t hesitate to create a separate area in your home that shows off your accomplishments, whether it is a shelf displaying all your awards and accolades or a work of art you’ve created, forming a focal point in a room. Brilliant conversation starters, don’t you think?  

5. Give yourself open spaces

You are someone who hates being restricted in any way. So don’t make the mistake of cluttering up your space with too many things. Choose things like open-plan layouts, mirrors making spaces feel larger and other ideas that’ll make sure you have enough breathing space around you at all times and that nothing holds you back.

6. Stay organized and keep distractions to a minimum

Keep clutter well enough away, as a messy home tends to get you easily distracted. And anyway, you are someone who likes things organized and well-planned for. So, when you’re going décor shopping, remember to invest in plenty of organizers that’ll make sure everything stays in ship shape around the house.

7. Give Maximalist décor a try

With minimalist styles gaining popularity the world over, it might be a good idea for you to experiment a little bit with Maximalism! If you’re wondering what that is, it’s a décor style that focuses on taking many things in bright colors and patterns and displaying them in bold and unique and exciting ways. It’s an attention-grabbing style that expects you to take a bold approach while decorating. What better way to show off some of your creativity, right?

Happy decorating, Aries!